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The nuMONDAY Ethos

At nuMONDAY we are passionate about staying close to our truth, values and ethos that the brand and business has been founded on since it launched on 9th December 2016.

With rising costs on other marketplaces such as Etsy with regards to fees, nuMONDAY was launched as an alternative for UK creatives.

Our Ethos is quite simply to provide an affordable selling platform for creative entrepreneurs.

nuMONDAY is based on three core values:





nuMONDAY is committed to being as transparent as possible.

We keep our site simple and easy to use with easy to read terms and conditions.

Providing support through our email system, sellers support, Facebook groups or FAQ’s we are always here to support you or answer any questions or queries you may have about our business and brand.


Community is the heart of nuMONDAY.

We are passionate about our community of sellers and customers.

We run two Facebook groups for our community to interact.

nuMONDAY Nation is a Facebook group for customers and sellers to interact and for our sellers to show off their latest makes and shops to over 6,500 customers.

So if you are a customer and want to keep up to date with the newest items or are looking for a gift idea this group is perfect for you.

Our second Facebook group is called Ask Michael.

This is a support group that is ran by us and is named after our founder in order to answer seller queries or questions quickly and efficiently.

You must be a seller to join this group and it is fantastic for networking with other sellers.


In a world with rising costs, small businesses need to maximise their profits.

We know how important that is to you and that is why we have a simple subscription and pricing structure of £4.99 per month without any hidden fees or additional costs.

There are no listing or transaction fees on nuMONDAY and you receive 100% of your sales and shipping from us.