Sell With Us


About us

Welcome to Numonday, a UK-based online marketplace, where thousands of UK crafters sell their products on to potential customers.

Since 2016, independent crafters and artists from across the UK, have used our platform to sell their products, making it simple for customers to shop from all of them in one place.


Our ethos

Our ethos is to provide UK crafters a simple, secure and affordable platform that gives them confidence to sell their products from.

Our team

We are a small team of people who are passionate about the craft industry in the UK.

Our definition of craft

We define craft as a skill of making or creating something by hand.

About crafters, not shareholders

We do not have shareholders to please, enabling us to reinvest on growing our platform and providing our low fee policy.

Open to all

We are open to all UK based crafters of all levels of skill and talent – Numonday is for everybody and we are here to support and help you improve your listings and online presence.


Selling with us is either £9.99 per month, £24.99 per quarter or £79.99 per year.

Simple fees

With 5% commission fees, zero listing fees, and unlimited listings, you can list as often and as much as you like.

No contract

You can cancel your account at anytime as we know circumstances can change.

Your own shop

You’ll have your own shop space that shows only your products with shop icon and banner as well as your own Numonday link.

Easy set up

Enjoy a quick, simple and easy setup process that enables you to be selling your first item within minutes, with a dedicated Help Centre and support team to refer to for each step of the way.


We have a Facebook Group that is open to customers and sellers which has over 38,000 customers for you to promote your products directly to on a daily basis.

Secure, safe and protected

Sales are processed securely and instantly via our secure payment provider, Stripe, who take a nominal payment processing fee of 1.4% plus 20p per transaction.


Customers can review your service and their purchases enabling you build trust with not only existing customers but new ones as well.


We have a fast, efficient and friendly support team that is always available to help, as well as a dedicated Help Centre for all your shop set up needs.


You can track visits to your products and shop with Google Analytics.

Manage on the go

Our site is fully mobile optimised for listing and shopping on the go.


How it works

1. You open a shop with us

2. Connect to our secure payment provider

3. You list your items

4. You market your products to customers

5. Customers order and pay through a secure checkout

6. You receive payment instantly

7. We let you know via email so you can fulfil their order

8. You send the order to the customer