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All about Wicks An’trim: Welcome one & all! I’m a one woman show… doing what I love the best (I’m addicted to home fragrance, its an obsession!) So… How did I get started? I’ve always loved having either a candle or wax melt scenting my home, and over the years I’ve purchased many many different examples of each. You know; you’re in the shop which is filled with a combined fragrance from all the candles and melts…. Smells fantastic right? You make a selection, excited at home to recreate the experience only to find disappointment. It didn’t matter if I spent a little or a lot on each one, most ended the same way. It just so happened one day, I found someone selling some wax & fragrance locally. Not really knowing what I was doing, I started to google how to make melts firstly. I researched the wax and oils to see how to combine them, how much of each should be used, I used a muffin tray to mould them at first. To my surprise, they were much better than I thought they would be. Not knowing that this would lead me to trying candles, I’m not going to lie here, candles are not so straight forward, there’s a science to them. The testing process is long, to be sure the best combination of vessel, wax, wick & fragrance is right. I’m not complaining… I love it! My candles at first weren’t great, the vessels were letting them down, my labels were nothing special, but the burn was pretty good! I have since invested a lot of money to buy professional grade fragrance oils, and waxes for each need along with a lot of equipment. I started creating hand crafted gifts for family & friends for special occasions, their feedback was very encouraging, so after a complete rebrand, and years of experience under my belt, I want to offer my products to others… For me there’s nothing more inviting to your space than the scent & the beauty of my products is that you can change the scent with your mood, or to create a mood. You want people to have good first impressions when they visit you, but having a beautiful scent in your space will help with that! I designed my logo, like everything else, its been a learning curve with no previous experience, just a lot of time & patience. So the ‘I’ in my ‘wicks’ is the round tower in Antrim (my home town) which is the best preserved example in the UK apparently. Then the play of words with ‘an’Trim’ my town is a reminder to always trim your candle wick before each burn, to get the best results from your candle. It can make you candle last longer too! The colour background - Teal is to bring confidence, just like the faith I have in my products, I know there’s something for everyone… you just need to try them! Go on! You know it makes scents!

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