UPDATE (09/12/20) Unfortunately, between 07/10/20 and 14/10/20, I contracted Covid-19. Due to this, I will be keeping my store closed until 1st January 2021. I can assure you that all products purchased from my store are NOT contaminated, as I've not sold any physical items since September 19th 2020. I apologise for any inconvenience, especially as my Halloween products will no longer be coming out. I plan on reopening on December 1st, if I get the all-clear so Christmas items may still be available. If you require non-physical items, such as Graphic Designs, Copywriting, or Artwork - feel free to email me at T3ddyDesign@gmail.com. I will still be open to commissions and requests as long as it's digital work - to help prevent passing this to anyone else. I hope you understand - I hope you take care, and stay safe.