Shea Touch

Shea Touch is an all natural skin and hair care company specialising in unrefined shea butter. We are a vegan, natural and cruelty free company that makes sure your skin and hair look its best and stays its best! What is shea butter? Shea butter is a fat that is extracted from the nut of the Shea Tree. Unrefined shea butter, what we specialise in, comes in ivory or off yellow in colour. There’s different processes with the extraction of Shea butter but at Shea Touch we stick with the traditional extraction methods. This eliminates chemicals or preservatives and it ensures all the essential nutrients can still be found in our shea butter. Shea butter is comprised of 5 main fatty acids: palmitic, staeric, oleic, and archadic which contributes to its softness and consistency. What can it be used for? Shea butter is extremely versatile, its uses are endless! Whether you're suffering with eczema, have an extremely dry scalp or looking to switch to a more natural body butter - shea butter is your answer! Have a look at our store to see our shea butter creations to see for yourself :)