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SeaTumble - Jewellery made by the Sea

Sterling silver and gold filled jewellery made with natural sea glass from the wild North Devon and Cornish coasts.  I have loved the sea for as long as I can remember, and have never lived more than a few miles from its shores.  This jewellery collection was born of my desire to share the beauty and wildness of the North Devon coast with others who love the sea as much as I do, and want a unique way to keep it with them at all times. These little sea glass gems are swept ashore onto the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, where I spend many hours searching for the best and smoothest pieces, since I never machine tumble the glass.  I then clean, carefully hand drill them and create the pieces you can find here. Beautiful glass deserves a beautiful setting, and I choose sterling silver and gold filled chains that complement the pieces; highlighting the tactile glass but also lovely in their own right.