Lightspeed Crafts Store

Hello! Welcome to Lightspeed Crafts :) My name is Jodi and I am the founder of Lightspeed Crafts. Thank you for visiting our page! We design and make cute, geeky, quirky and unique Wall Plaques, Original Art and Prints, Jewellery, Accessories, Clocks, Furniture and Decorative items. We mostly make quote plaques and mixed media canvases....who doesn't love a good quote?! I use quite a unique method for making plaques, canvas art and furniture. I draw/paint of of my designs and then use a type of screen printing technique using ink and acrylic paint, mixed with free hand painting. This ensures longevity because the ink bleeds into the wood, which is then sealed and makes it tougher to wear down. My biggest passion is crafting, especially furniture, and I am are always trying out new and exciting ways of creating. We find inspiration every day and we are always looking for ideas from our customers! All of our items are completely unique and we do have a lot of one-offs! Even two items of the same design may not be exactly the same. You won’t see them anywhere else!! We love to pay attention to detail and painstaking perfectionism! The idea for Lightspeed Crafts came following a request for a Star Wars table, a coffee table I am so proud of following hours of decision-making, re-touching, and refining! You can find a picture of this on our shop page! Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any ideas for custom orders! My website is: Thank you for visiting my shop, and welcome to the wonderful geeky world of Lightspeed Crafts <3