Clos roots and rituals

Hello beautiful soul, I’m Clo & thank you for being here in my herbal space.

My herbal, self care creations are handmade at my home in the Forest of Dean & are born from my love, knowledge & adoration of our plant teachers.

Clo’s roots & rituals herbal offerings are:
Vegan & kind
Natural with no synthetics or harmful preservatives
Weaved together with plant magick
One of a kind & rustic Handmade with love in small batches
Received in recyclable & reusable packaging

My herbal creations are lovingly made with intention to help you take a moment for yourself & practice regular self care rituals.
Each of my offerings are here to support you on your journey, encourage natural wellness & you to invest in your physical & spiritual well-being.
I specialise in working with natural reminders for womens sexual health & cyclical living.

Take a moment to connect with yourself & support your needs as you enjoy a selection of steeped natural wonders, with a high quality herbal tea.
Receive instant balance & calm by anointing yourself with a grounding herbal oil blend.
Let the stress & tension be cleansed from your body & mind, as you submerge into a herbal bath potion.
Welcome an opening of commutation & love between yourself & your power centre, with a custom herbal yoni steam blend.
Raise your vibration & cleanse your space with a plant magick aura spray.
Honour your all by connecting to your sacred womb space during a self-love ritual & massage, incorporating a Clo's roots & rituals herbal maceration.

Our plant kin can be powerful allies to work with in many forms of healing.
The abundance of medicinal & magickal properties within the natural world hold a divine synergy & primordial connection with us & offer us many beneficial attributes.
From elder tall trees to herbaceous species, right down to tiny sea algae, plant life on this plane plays a crucial part in supporting our health & well-being.
I intertwine this natural energy & magick into all of my creations.

Herbalism & natural healing is something I was introduced to at a tender age & have been attuned to, felt deeply, learnt about & practiced myself for years through many chapters.
I have always loved sharing natural support & healing, while loving talking through all of the many benefits with friends & family.
My personal healing journey has been long & intricate.
Working with plant magick & natural medicine has supported me deeply along my path.
Incorporating natural wellness & practising regular herbal self care rituals has dramatically transformed my life for the better.
Over the years I have reclaimed such a better synergy & balance with my personal needs, period health & inner cycles.
I felt the call to start my own business rooted from this knowledge & passion, I was thrilled to begin offering my herbal creations to the public in January 2021.

I love this journey & am forever learning & growing.
I am currently immersing & studying further in natural practices & herbal support focused on cyclical living, hormonal health & womb wellness.
It makes me so happy to weave, hold space for many amazing sisters, create with natural magick & share my offerings from my heart to yours.

I have struggled in the past to find kind, quality, self-care products that aren’t full of unnatural additives & bulking agents.
So many finds on the market are saturated with synthetics & toxins that negatively interact with our wellbeing & harm our systems.
Clo’s roots & rituals say no to nasties & combines all natural ingredients with the magick of Mother Nature.

Each of my makes are created by me working with a wide variety of hand foraged, homegrown & ethically sourced herbal allies, as well as outsourced, pure essvential oils, natural minerals, carrier oils & herbs (received from some great local sources & high quality businesses).
A lot of time, care, learning, testing & intention goes into each of my offerings alchemical journey.
I hope you can feel this deep love, passion, energy & magick during your self-care practices.

Enjoy the ritual.

For a bit more about me, foraging tips, daily herbal practices & self-care healing rituals you can connect with me on:
Instagram: @clos_roots_and_rituals Facebook: @closrootsandrituals
Thank you for being here.
If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the feeling, love & herbal healing.
Clo x


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