Shop Support

How do I open a shop?

You can open a shop by going to “Sell” in the Menu.

How do I access my shop?

You can access your shop by going to “My Shop”.

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard provides your total sales over time in a professional reporting form.

How do I change my shop name?

My Shop > Settings > Store.

How do I change my shop description?

My Shop > Settings > Store.

We recommend short shop descriptions as these look better and have more of a professional feel for them for customers.

How do I add a shop logo?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Branding.

We recommend store icon photos to be 1024 x 1024 pixels.

How does the search work?

Our search is weighted towards titles, description, and categories.

Ensure you use the relative titles, descriptions and categories and this will help your items be found within searches.

How does the SEO tab in Settings work?

My Shop > Shop Settings > SEO

In this section, you can tailor the SEO of your shop and how it is displayed on Facebook and Twitter when you share your shop on these platforms.

The Facebook and Twitter settings under SEO are for how your shop will look when you share your shop URL on these platforms.

This allows you to fully customise the image, title and description on the link that is shared.

How do I add a product?

To add your first product simply go to My Shop > Add Product.

What is the “Product Description”?

The “Product Description” provides the customer with detail about the item, such as size, materials used, weight, colour, personalisation etc.

What are the “Colours”?

The colours are not used for variation but are used for search purposes.

For example is your item is “Blue” then when people search for the term blue with related words to your item it will show.

I cannot find a category for my products?

If you have products that have are suited to a category that is not listed then please email us at and we will have it added for you.

What size should the photos be on my products?

We recommend all photos to be a minimum of 1024 x 1024 pixels. for products.

What is the “Featured Image”?

The “Featured Image” is the main image that customers will see on the site within the category listings.

Please ensure you have a “Featured Image” on your item or otherwise you will have a blank item showing in the marketplace.

What is the difference between the “Regular Price” and “Sale Price”?

The “Regular Price” is the normal price for your product. The “Sale Price” is a price for if you are discounting from your “Regular Price”.

What is the “Product Type”?

There are two types of “Product Types”, “Simple Product” and “Variable Product”.

A “Simple Product” is a standard product where there is just one type of that product.

A “Variable Product” is a product that comes in different sizes or colours.

How do I add “Variations” to my products?

Follow our step by step guide to adding variations such as colours or sizes to your products here.

How do I remove or edit my products?

You can edit or remove items by going to My Shop > Manage Products.

My products are showing as out of stock when I add them?

Please ensure that you have the Product Type set properly.

If it is a simple product i.e. a product without any variations such as different colours etc then it should be set to “Simple Product”.

If it is a variable product i.e. a product with variations such as different colours etc then it should be set to “Variable Product”.

How do I manage my orders?

My Shop > Customer Orders.

This allows you to inform the customer that their order has been shipped, print shipping labels, add notes, tracking numbers or view the order details.

I am going on holiday can I put my shop in vacation mode?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Store > Tick Vacation Mode.

*Please be aware Vacation mode simply provides a message indicating when you will next be able to ship, customers can still purchase items.

If you require your shop to be suspended for a period of time to stop customers purchasing items please email us at

Why are my products photo not showing?

Remember to ensure you have added a Featured Image as this will be the main image for your product.

Without it, your product will not have a photo and customers will be less likely to view it.

Why does my shop description not have paragraphs?

We recommend you keep your shop description short, catchy and focussed on what you sell or what your brand represents.

How do I set shipping for my whole shop?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Shipping

How do I set shipping for an individual product?

Shipping can be added to products individually by editing the or adding the product and clicking the “Shipping” tab.

How do I set one shipping cost for multiple items?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Shipping > Tick “Charge once per product for national shipping/international shipping, even if more that one is purchased. This sets the shipping for an individual item when multiple are purchased.

My Shop > Shop Settings > Shipping > Enter Shipping value (do not include “£” symbol) in the Maximum shipping charge. This sets the maximum shipping charged for all of your items when multiples are purchased.

How do I change my shipping policy?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Shipping.

You can change your store’s shipping policy and state whether you provide international shipping. It is important you have a clear shipping policy for customers.

My shipping policy has not updated on the “Shipping” tab?

Please ensure that you have not placed the “£” symbol before your shipping amounts. If you are providing Free Shipping then please ensure you place “0” in the Shipping amount box.

How do I add social links to my shop?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Social. Please ensure you follow the guidelines for linking your Social Media pages as some will require just your username and others the URL.

How do I add a coupon for my customers?

You can add a coupon for your customers to receive a discount on your shop by going to My Shop > Manage Coupons.

What is my unique shop address?

Every shop on nuMONDAY has a unique address so you can add it to your external social media links: i.e. if your shop is called nuMONDAY it would be or alternatively go to My Shop > Dashboard > View Store and copy and paste the link from the address bar.

Do you have any advice to maximise sales?

We always recommend sharing your items once you’ve listed them with our social media sharing icons which can be found on the item.

Linking your nuMONDAY shop URL to your social media pages will also help drive people directly to your shop and consequently increase your chances of a sale.

When sharing on Twitter always use the #nuMONDAY and we will give it a retweet.

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid directly via nuMONDAY, you will need to connect to Stripe.

You can do this by going to My Shop > Shop Settings > Payments.

How do I close my shop?

To close your shop simply email us at and request us to do so.

Have another question?

You can contact us at via our contact page at any time and we will endeavour to respond to your request within one working day.