Seller and Product Eligibility

Who can sell on Numonday

At Numonday, we offer affordable online shops to UK-based businesses and individuals who sell unique, made or sourced products.

What cannot be sold on Numonday

To simplify matters, we have compiled a list of prohibited items that cannot be sold on Numonday. We kindly request that you carefully read through this list, as we are unable to issue refunds for items listed on Numonday that violate these restrictions. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain Numonday as the premier destination for handmade work in the UK.

1. Items that infringe copyright

Items sold on Numonday must *not* infringe someone else’s copyright or trademark. It is your responsibility to check that you are not infringing Copyright or any Trademark (especially if you are using a brand name, logo, or character name). Any liability rests with you should the Copyright or trademark owner pursue a legal case against you for misuse of a trademarked term or logo and/or for using copyrighted material.

2. Vintage Items under 20 years old

Vintage items can only be sold on Numonday if they are over 20 years old or meet the following specific criteria:

– Upcycled: The item’s original function has been significantly altered.
– Re-upholstered: The item has undergone upholstery work.
– Painted, printed, or decoupaged: The item has been enhanced through painting, printing, or decoupage techniques.

3. Adult content, swearing, and pornographic items

Items that are considered pornographic or of an “adult nature” (determined by Numonday) are prohibited. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting us before listing. Swear words are allowed on Numonday, but we ask that item titles, descriptions, and the first image of each listing remain family-friendly in case young children are browsing the site unsupervised. Swear words in the title and description must have their first vowel removed, and the main product image for these items should cover up, block out, or completely blur the vowel. An uncensored image can be used as the second image, if desired.

4. Illegal, hazardous, or dangerous items

Items acquired illegally, stolen, or those that would be illegal to trade (such as drugs, items sold as toys without the necessary license, copyrighted work, or reproductions without permission) are prohibited. Hazardous or dangerous items, including weapons, knives, or chemicals, are not allowed, including craft knives. Items related to weapons are also not permitted.

5. Found Items

Found items such as driftwood, stones, or fossils can be sold on Numonday but only as supplies, not as handmade items. Exceptions include instances where driftwood has been transformed into something new, like a chandelier, or when stones or minerals have been carved, polished, and turned into decorative items using lapidary techniques. These items can be listed as handmade.

6. Human or Animal parts

Items made using real animals or animal parts are not permitted on Numonday. This includes items such as taxidermy or real fur. The sale of human or animal ashes is also prohibited. However, sellers may create items, such as jewellery, that incorporate ashes provided by the buyer.

7. Music & Film

The sale of music, film, CDs, DVDs, and other music-related or film-related items is generally not permitted on Numonday. However, tutorial DVDs can be listed under Supplies.

8. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages, which legally require a license to sell, are not allowed to be listed or sold on Numonday.

9. Nicotine, E-cigarettes, and E-liquids

Products containing nicotine, including vaping equipment such as e-cigarettes or e-liquids, whether or not they contain nicotine, are not permitted to be sold on Numonday.

10. Hate

Numonday does not host products that promote hatred or bigotry or support organizations involved in intimidating campaigns targeting any group or section of the community.

We reserve the right to remove any products or terminate seller accounts without refund if they violate the aforementioned policy and list. This includes the ability to update or amend the policy at any time, without prior notice.