Selling FAQs

What is nuMONDAY?

nuMONDAY provides an affordable platform for makers and creatives to set up a shop space and list products for sale via our secure payment provider.

Where is nuMONDAY based?

nuMONDAY is based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

How long has nuMONDAY been operating?

We were founded December 2016.

Starting with only 35 sellers we have grown to host thousands of makers from across the UK who sell within their own shop spaces and within our general categories.

Who can sell on nuMONDAY?

We currently only allow sellers from across the United Kingdom to sell with us.

What can I sell on nuMONDAY?

Our online platform is focussed on makers and creatives so we are appropriate for people who make or design their products to sell with us.

Can I sell vintage items on nuMONDAY?

As we are focussed on makers and creatives we do not host vintage or second hand sellers.

However, we do allow upcycled or repurposed products to be sold with us.

What does the subscription include?

You can find out everything that our subscriptions include here:

What are your fees?

The fees applied on nuMONDAY include your choice of subscription and a 1.4% plus 20p payment processing fee applied by our secure payment provider.

We do not take any commission on sales as your shop space is yours and how you market your products is entirely down to you.

When are payments for subscription taken?

Subscription payments are taken on the day of joining and then on that date each month, 6 monthly or yearly.

Why are your fees so low?

nuMONDAY is built on an ethos to provide an affordable selling platform for makers and creatives, which is why we charge low subscription fees.

What currency do you sell in?

The currency you sell in is GBP.

Are there listing fees for my items?

We do not charge any listing fees and you can list as many items as you want for as long as you want without the need to re-list.

How do I get paid?

Payments are paid via our secure payment provider, Stripe.

How do I know I have sold something?

An email alert is sent to your registered email as soon as you have sold an item.

Do I have my own URL?

Your shop will have your own unique nuMONDAY URL.

Can I add my own URL?

You cannot directly add your own URL but you can redirect a URL you currently own via your hosting provider.

Can I still sell elsewhere?

Yes, we do not limit where you sell your items and actively encourage you to sell on multiple channels to build your brand and customer base, whilst we host your shop space.

Do I need to have an online shop already?

No, we are open to new sellers and sellers from other platforms.

Can I see how many people have viewed my items?

There are item statistics on all of your items showing how many people have viewed them.

Is there an App?

We do not currently have an App but do have plans to launch an App in the near future as we continue to grow.

I do not see a category for my items, can it be added?

If you do not see a category for your items then please contact us and we will consider it as a possible addition to our existing list.

Can I sell personalised items?

Yes, you can sell personalised items.

We have a “Notes Box” at checkout for customers to leave details for a personalised item.

Do you support variable products?

Yes, you can add variations to your product such as colour, size, material or add your own.

Can I sell downloadable items?

Yes, you can sell digital or downloadable items such as prints or books for example.

Please note that sellers are accountable and responsible for ensuring VAT MOSS is paid on their downloaded sales, as we act as a host for selling your products.

Do you have a Facebook group?

Yes, we have a Facebook Group called “nuMONDAY Nation” which provides you access to over 25,000 of our customers for you to share your shop and latest items with.

Do you promote my products?

We promote the site as a whole, which may include featured products or sellers at random across our social pages.

Our platform provides you with an online space to list your products from, along with the ability to list amongst other similar makers on the site as well as your own space.

With your own nuMONDAY link you can direct customers to solely your products and promote your shop space in which ever way you wish.

Is nuMONDAY a marketplace?

We provide makers and creatives with an affordable space to sell their products online.

This includes their own shop space as well as general categories where all of our makers similar products can be found together.

In turn, this allows customers to shop from multiple sellers just like an online marketplace.

However, our platform is primarily focussed on providing an affordable space for makers to sell from online.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

On sign up your subscription fee is paid in advance for the period chosen.

If you decide to close your account you will not be entitled to a refund for the remaining time not used on our platform.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We do not charge any cancellation fees as we understand circumstances may change for any individual or business at any time, but our subscriptions are non-refundable for the period that was originally signed up for.

Why should I join?

Our platform provides you with an affordable space to set up an online shop and sell your products from.

With your own nuMONDAY link you will be able to share this across your network and promote your products online.

The low subscription costs and fee structure are far cheaper than on other eCommerce sites or website building alternatives.


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