Yellow Ceramic Poppy for vase of floral display


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Beautiful Ceramic Poppy Flower on a wire stem for a bright and stunning floral arrangement

Every Poppy flower created is unique, the petals are individually handmade and created from a high quality fine white clay, and then glazed in a deep red colour to produce a beautiful everlasting flower. Your Poppy flower will look amazing in a vase to bring a blaze of colour to your table, on a shelf or cabinet and would make a spectacular handcrafted centre piece for a wedding bouquet or table arrangement.

The ceramic glaze used to colour the Poppy gives each flower a timeless quality which will never fade or age, the flower will always look fresh and bright in your display and brighten your room. The Centre of the Poppy has been glazed a shiny pewter black. Each flower is stamped with the designers mark.

These handmade special flowers will make stunning presents for Christmas, Mothers Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays or Valentines day. They will look beautiful as a single flower or bought to make a bunch of 2, 3 or 4. A keepsake for any special day.

I have also recently introduced a complimentary ceramic range of poppy seed heads and poppy pods glazed in the same colour as the centre of the poppies. these look amazing when teamed with the poppy flower and some corn heads in a display, to give a natural looking arrangement. Check my Etsy shop for these.

The ceramic flower head is on a long hard wire stem so it is easy to arrange both in a vase or in a bouquet. Each flower head measures approx 15cm diametre, but every flower is unique so there will be a slight difference with each one.
The wire stem is approx 30cm, the wire can be cut to accommodate a shorter vase or adjusted so that the flower head faces the desired direction in your flower arrangement.
These flowers also come in Yellow, red and Orange.

The Poppy is bubble wrapped and boxed for delivery.

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Everyday the changing landscape inspires me to make new work. My studio is based in a lovely garden surrounded by a park, so the view is always different as new flowers and plants appear throughout the year. My wall based ceramic artworks explore the seasons, moon cycles, sunsets and the true beauty found in Nature.