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This Spalted Beech Vase looks stunning on display, it is ideal for dried flowers and can be used in various rooms. It is finished in a finish oil and can be wiped if it gets dusty or dirty.

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I had wanted to become a Woodturner for some time but had never seemed to find the time to start the adventure, until one day it was time to just see what I could do. I started out making coasters and hand carving cups and chopping boards, but the passion grew stronger and all sorts of ideas were starting to take hold of my mind so it was time to get a lathe.

This became the start of TG woodworking and I have never looked back for one moment just forward, and as I gaze into the shavings around me and look at the piece I have created it feels me with a warmth that the particular piece will now live on in some ones home for them to enjoy and pass down. Every piece is different and unique in its own right and this is how I like them to be, the wood will always give you something unexpected as you cant see deep into the wood you can only imagine. Its a very true saying that the wood will decide what it wants to be not what I want it to be, I just enhance the look from the wood and nature has done the rest.

All my pieces come with my logo burnt into the base or back of items and this only gets done when I am 110% happy with the finish or piece, it is nothing short of the love and passion I have for each item.

I will only use your information for contact between myself and yourself. .Any details for delivery or post. .For any tax purposes as required by law. .For any disputes, returns or cancellations. .Third parties are only used for delivery purposes.

All the best Terry

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