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Clo’s roots & rituals ‘Womban love oil’ for self womb, heart & breast massage.

A herbal self love & womb massage oil that invites you to practice regular self care, connection to your inner sacred feminine & masculine. Special time to nourish, feel into to messages from your sacred womb space & her innate wisdom through touch & breath.

Take a moment to allow what needs to be heard to rise & flow. To welcome a common practice of feeling & touching your body, tuning in to your needs & inner workings.

Energetically & spiritually our womb is our power centre & our embodied representation of our intuitions, creativity, feelings & wisdom.

This nourishing, self love ritual oil invites connection to your inner feminine power, taking the time to check in with your sacred womb space & connecting with your body & her wisdom through touch.

A deeply supporting oil made with homegrown, hand foraged & ethically sourced plant kin, encourages healing, cleansing & loving energies to your sacral area, heart space & sacred medicine bowl.

Made with an intentional blend of sacral, heart & womb supporting herbs, macerated for 6 weeks in high quality, organic sweet almond oil & avocado oil;

The herbal kin within;
Chamomile – An old herbal ally for many womens cyclic problems, such as cramping & anxiety.
Great for sensitive skin & super soothing on scarring & stretch marks on our bodies.

Rose – Ruled by Venus, she embraces & encourages love & healing. Great for opening up the pathways between your heart & womb space. The majestic rose has been worked with throughout history in love potions & infusions to encourage loving vibrations, promote self love & to soothe deeply.

Pine – The green, earthy, grounding notes of the pine needles really come through in this blend.
An elder energy & spiritual cleanser, that uplifts & invigorates the body & senses when used in massage, also known to soothe inflammation, soreness & aches.

Hibiscus – Assists in pelvic bowl healing & releasing pent up creative forces within the womb area. This potent flower stimulates the fire witin, our sexuality & passions.

Regular womb connection & self massage helps to support you in many ways.
🔻Opens a pathway of connecting from deep within between you & your power center.
🔻Aids in increased circulation & blood flow to the uterus.
🔻Alleviates stress & promotes deep relaxation.
🔻Helps to free up feelings of tightness & tensions, which many women hold within this area.
🔻Encourages flow & promotes clearing of stagnation, energetic & emotional build up in the womb space
🔻Aids in a healthier digestion.
🔻Helps to loosen restriction caused by scarring & adhesions in this area. Promotes healing for scarring & helps affected muscles to restart moving in a healthy function.

Each potion is received with a scroll, including a delve into the properties of this blend & guidance on how to work with this self womb, heart & breast massage in ritual.

150ml glass bottle.

Lovingly handmade with homegrown, hand foraged & ethically sourced; Organic sweet almond & avocado oil, pure pine resin essential oil, dried hibiscus flowers, dried chamomile flowers, dried rose petals, dried pine needles.

*Please keep stored out of direct sunlight & keep cap screwed on tight when not using.
Work with & apply oil with clean hands.
Do not apply oil to cuts or open skin.
Do not ingest.

Thank you for choosing Clo’s roots & rituals for you self care practices. 🌱🙏🏼

**Please do not work with Clo’s roots & rituals herbal products if you have any herbal or nut allergies.
Please consult your medical care provider before use if you are taking medication, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Please note that it is possible to be sensitive to any ingredient be it natural or synthetic. I therefore recommend testing a small section of skin, prior to regular use of any natural balm/oil/cream.
Clo’s roots & rituals is not liable for any possible adverse reaction/side effects of any herbal products.
The customer must accept ownership & responsibility for their own health.
Thank you.


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  1. Lauren

    I absolutely love this Raise Your Vibration tea blend. Its a wonderfully uplifting and energy boosting brew and has largely replaced coffee for me now. The taste is so smooth and soft too. Looking forwarding to trying out the other blends made by Clo 🙂 x

  2. Mary Hidle

    Beautifully packaged & gorgeous bath bomb. So calming & relaxing. Will be reordering.

  3. Philomena Kavanagh

    So pretty and functional

  4. Philomena Kavanagh


  5. Philomena Kavanagh

    Was gorgeous

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