Wire Beaded Proteas – South African



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Exquisite hand made Wire and Glass Beaded South African Proteas. The national flower of South Africa, available in multi coloured, white or wire art frame only. The galvanised wire Proteas are listed as a separate product. Hand crafted from galvanised wire and glass beads, they are also suited as outdoor garden ornaments, in additional to living room floral arrangements.
L50cm W12cm : 400g

Please note: As all our products are hand crafted, sizes, weight and colour may differ slightly.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 4.0 in

– Blue, – Brown, – Green, – Ivory, – Light Green, – Medley, – Navy, – Orange, – Orange-Green, – Pink, – Purple, – Red, – White, – Yellow, -A, -B, -Black, -C, -D, -Dark Green, -E, -F, -G, -H, -I, -J, -K, -L, -M, -N, -O, -P, -Q, -R, -REd, -S, -Silver Football, -T, -U, -V, -W, -White, -X, -Y, -Z, ..Because I said so (why why why), 'Cup' Candle, 'Together Forever' Lamp, 'Together Forever' Lamp with personalised brass plaque (100mm x 20mm), “Always and Forever”, “The Originals”, “The Vampire Diaries”, (WS) BLACK, (WS) GREY, (WS) OAK, (WS) WHITE, (WS) WHITE WASH, + A5 Plastic Protective Wallet, +name on front & text inside (+50p), +Name on front and text inside (+50p), +Name on front of card (+50p), +Text inside card (+50p), £10, £1199, £15 gift voucher, £1549, £160×80 cm £1549, £1899, £25 gift voucher, £2699, £499, £5, £50 gift voucher, £599, £699, £7.50, £899, 0-3 Months, 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 1, 1 Grid, 1 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Print Only, 13 UK, 13.5 UK, 13.5", 13", 130cm, 130cm Width x 60cm Depth, 1350mm, 13×19.5 inches, 14, 14 UK, 14.5 UK, 14.5 x 10.5cm, 14.5", 14", 14" Standard Chain, 140 X 70 CM, 140cm, 140cm Width x 60cm Depth, 140×70 cm £1199, 145cm, 14cm, 15 UK, 15.5 UK, 15.5", 15", 1500mm, 150cm, 150cm Width x 60cm Depth, 150ml, 150mm, 150mmWx150mmH, 15×15 (3in depth), 15x15cm square (1in depth), 16, 16 inch chain, 16.5", 16", 16" chain, 16" Standard Chain, 16" x 12 White Frame Mounted, 16"x12" White Frame & Mounted, 16"X20", 160 X 80 CM, 160cm, 160cm Width x 60cm Depth, 160gr, 165cm, 16×12" Canvas, 16×12" Print Framed, 16×12" Print Only, 16×16", 16×20" Canvas, 16×20" Print Only, 17.5", 17", 170cm, 18, 18 inch chain, 18 Months, 18-24 months, 18.5", 18", 18" chain, 18" Rope Chain, 18" Rope Chain 1.00mm, 18" Standrad Chain, 18" Twisted Curb Chain, 18" x 12" Canvas Print, 180 X 90 CM, 180cm, 180mm, 180×90 cm £1899, 185cm, 19.5", 19", 190cm, 19cm, 2, 2 Gin Cones + Spoon (save £1.99), 2 Grid, 2 Grid 1, 2 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it from Mama (She/He got it from me), I love u, I USED TO HAVE MONEY THEN I HAD KIDS, I'll keep you safe, I'm not working today, I'm not working today (Me neither), I'm raising wildflowers, I'm raising wildflowers (Little Wildflower), I'm the reason we're late (Sorry we're late), ice blue, Ice Blue – Blue, Ice Blue – Indigo, Ice Blue – Pink, Ice Blue – Plum, Ice blue satin, IF MY MOUTH DOES'NT SAY IT MY FACE WILL, illustration colour – black, illustration colour – blue, illustration colour – glittery purple, illustration colour – glittery silver, illustration colour – gold, illustration colour – green, illustration colour – purple, illustration colour – rose gold, illustration colour – soft pink, illustration colour – turquoise, illustration colour – vibrant pink, illustration colour – yellow, Inclusion Hero certificate, Indian Rose and Musk, indigo, Initial Keyring, Ink blue, International signed for, International Standard, International tracked, invictus, irn bru, Ironstone Grey, 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Lavender & Chamomile, Lavender and seeds, Lavender Infusion, lavender purple, Lavender Roses, Lavender Spa, Le male, Leave Blank, Left facing, Leg Colour, Lemon, Lemon & Calendula, Lemon & Lavender, Lemon & Lime, Lemon and Lime, Lemon Blossom, Lemon Eucalyphus, Lemon Meringue, Lemon sherbert, lemongrass, Lemongrass & Ginger, Leopard Print Throw, Letter, Letter A, Letter Required, Letters, Lettuce, LIFE IS SHORT SMILE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TEETH, light blue, Light Blue Floral, light brown, Light cherry veneer, Light Gold/Silver, light green, Light Grey, Light Oak, Light pine, light pink, Light Purple, Light Purple Paisley, light yellow, lighthouse, Lilac, Lilac and natural, Lilac Flower, Lime Basil & mandarin, Lime Basil and Mandarin, Lime Green, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Limpet, Lined, Little Thing, Little Thing (It's the little things in life…), Little Tornado (Chasing storms), llamas, Loop K9 Earrings, LOTS OF CATS & OPTIONAL NAME(S), Lotus Biscoff, Lotus Flower, Love – red, Love Hearts (Blue), Love Hearts (Red), Luscious Vanilla, Lychee & Peony, M, M (38-40”), M (38"), M (40"), M, 3 pairs of shoes, Madame, Mademoiselle, Magic Melt £10 Mystery Box (MELTS ONLY), Magic Melt £15 Mystery Box (Melts & Burner), Magic Melt £15 Mystery Box (Melts ONLY), Magic Melt £20 Mystery Box (Melts & Burner), Magic Melt £20 Mystery Box (MELTS ONLY), Magic Melts £10 Mystery Box (Melts & Burner), Male Torso, Mama loves to nap, Mama loves to nap (naps are for quitters), Mama Shark, Mama shark (Baby shark), Mandarin and Bergamot, mango, Mangosteen, marble, marble effect, Marlin, Maroon, Matching doll dress, Me Neither (I'm not working today), Meadow Flowers, medium, Medium 16 cm, Medium Oak, Medium Pack, Medium Snap, Melon, mens, mens gift wrapped, Message, Metal, metallic, Metsl, Mid Blue Floral, Mid Blue Gloss Finish, mid stripe, Milk, Milk or white, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse Strips, Mint, Mint green, Minty Green, Mix and Match Circle and Rounde triangle, Mix and Match: Circle and Rounded Triangle, mix green and beige, mix pink and beige, Mix&Match circle and rounded triangle, Mixed, Monkey Farts, Monochrome, Monster, Moon and Stars, Moondust, Moonlight Grey, Moonstone, moss, Moss Green, Motorbike, Motorbike Decoration, Mottled, mount, Mounted, Mounted and Framed, mounted print, mouse colour – glittery silver, mouse colour- glittery purple, Mr & Mrs, Mr + Mr, Mr + Mrs, Mrs + Mrs, multi flower, Multi-colour Paisley, Multicolour Poppy with broach, Multicolour Poppy with gem broach, Multicolour Poppy with gem hair clip, Multicolour Poppy with hairclip, Multicoloured, Mum, Musical Notes Print, Mustard, mustard & grey, mustard & teal, My favorite sunshine, My favorite Sunshine ( little Sunshine), Myrhh & Tonka, Myrrh, N, Naps are for Quitters (Mama loves to nap), Natural, Natural Blonde, NATURAL OAK, Natural pine, Natural Pine Clear Antique Pine Light Oak Dark Oak Deep Mahogany Light Walnut Walnut, natural wood, Navy, Navy Blue Paisley, Navy Camo Star, Navy Camo Start, Navy Matte Finish, Navy Pink Star Hoodie, Navy Rainbow Hoodie, Navy Silver Star Hoodie, Navy with gold star, Neck Pillow, Necklace, New Born, new car, New design, New Flat, New Flat Gift, New Flat Keyring, New Home, New Home Gift, New Home Keyring, New Homr, Newborn, newborn gift, Night Blooming Jasmin, No, NO 6, no butterfly, No Customisation, no envelopes, No Gift Box, No name Thank you., No personalisation, No wallet, No. Of sheets, Non-Hairy, None, None- Natural, Not Drilled, NOT LINED, Nude, Number, Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, NUMBERS, numbers on mousies head, NURSES – WE CANT FIX STUPID BUT WE CAN SEDATE IT, O, Oak Hazelnut, Oak veneer, ocean, Ochre, off white, Olive Green, Olympia, One coaster, only cover, Opal, Option-1, Option-2, Option-3, Option-4, options, orange, Orange Bloom, Orange clouds, Orange Floral, Orange flowers, orange fox, Orange Polka Dot Print, Orange/Yellow, Oreo, Oriental Musk, Original, other – leave note at checkout, Other Age, Outlander, Oval, Overall Length, Owl, Oyster, P, Pack of 10 Cards, pack of four cards, pair, Pale Grey, Pale Pink, Pale Pink Flowers, Palm Stone, Palm stones, Pandora, Papaya, Parisienne Spring, Parkin Pigs, parma violet, Party girl, Party pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Green Daisies, Pastel Green Sugar Skull, Pastel Greens, Pastel grey, Pastel mix, Pastel Orange, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple, Pastel Rainbow, Pastel Sugar Skull, pastel yellow, Pattern, Pattern type A, Paw Earrings, Paw Print, Paw prints, Peace Symbol, Peacefull Pink, peach, Peach Floral, Peach Glitter, Peach pink, Peach Roses, Peaches and Cream, Peachey, Peachy, Peachy pink, Peanutt Butter Brownie, Pear & freesia, Pearl, pearl peach set, pearl pink set, Pebble, Pendant, pendant a, pendant b, pendant c, Pennant, Peony and blush suede, Peppa Pig, peppermint, Peppermint & Poppyseed, Peppermint and tea tree, Peridot, Personalisation, Personalise, Personalised Keychain, Personalised Keyring, personalised message, Personalised with up to 3 letters/initials in gold, Personalised with up to 6 letters/initials in gold, Personalised with up to 9 letters/initials in gold, Pet Smell Eliminator, Pheasants, Phone holder, Photos Printed, Pick 'n'mix, pierced, pig, Pina Colada, Pine and Jacobean, pineapple, Pineapple Envy, Pink, Pink and Aqua Floral, Pink and Purple Floral, Pink and White Floral, Pink bunny sticker, Pink butterfly, Pink Cactus, Pink check, Pink Daisy, Pink Diffuser, Pink earrings, pink elephant, Pink Floral Cotton Pj Set, Pink Floral Eye Mask with Bag, Pink Flourescent Flowers, Pink flower pot, Pink Flowers and Butterflies, pink flowers on green, Pink Foil, Pink Glitter, Pink Grapefruit, pink handle and inside, Pink Hot Air Ballon, pink keychain, Pink Megg Bunny, Pink Megg Bunny with Eggs, Pink Mosaic Bird, Pink Plain, Pink Polka Dot, Pink Princess, Pink Quartz, Pink Rabbit, Pink ring, Pink Roses, Pink Sands, Pink Star Throw, Pink Striped, Pink Tassel, Pink with Blue Dots, Pink With White Bunny, pinks, Pixie Dust, Pizza, Plain, Plain Seamoss, Plant Marker, Plant Pot Label, Plant Stake, Plum, Plum Rose and Patchouli, Polka Dot, Pom Pom Pink, Pomelo, Postage upgrade, Pow – purple, powder, Powder blue, powder pink, Present, Pretty in Pink, Pretty in Pink earrings, Pretty in Pink ring, price for extra letter is £3.00 each, princess pink, Princess Pink – Plum, Princess Pink – Red, Princess Pink – White, Print, printed georgette black, printed georgette peach, Product, Psy flowers, Psychedelic Flowers, Pugs, pumpkin, PUNCTUATION, Purdy Purple earrings, Purdy Purple ring, purple, Purple – Pink, purple & green rainbow, purple 1-2, purple 3-4, purple 5-6, purple 7-8, purple 9-10, purple and silver, purple cat keyring, Purple earrings, purple flowers, Purple Glitter, purple lge, PURPLE LINES, purple med, Purple Poppy with broach, Purple Poppy with gem broach, Purple Poppy with gem hair clip, Purple Poppy with hair clip, Purple rain, Purple Raindrops, Purple ring, purple set, purple sml, Purple Stars, purple stripe, Purple With White Bunny, Purple with White Flowers, Purple/Lilac, Q, Quartz quickfoot, R, rabbit, Rainbow, Rainbow Foil, rainbow heart, Rainbow Polkadot, Rainbows, Raising tiny Wolves, Rasp and B'Pepper, raspberry, Raw, Raw Steel, Rectangular Green Beads, Rectangular Plum Beads, red, Red & White, red 1-2, red 2-3, red 4-5, red 5-6, red 7-8, red 9-10, Red agate, Red and Brown Gingham, Red and grey, Red flowers, Red Gloss Finish, Red Leaves, red lge, RED LINES, red med, Red Poppy with broach, Red Poppy with gem broach, Red Poppy with gem hair clip, Red Poppy with hair clip, Red Rainbow, Red Roses, red set, red sml, Red Sunshine, Red Velvet, Red-Treble Clef, Red/White, REGISTERED NURSE, Regular, Reindeer, Relax, Relaxing, Retro, Revive, Rhubarb, Rhubarb & custard, Rhubarb & Elderflower, Rhubarb and rose, Rhubard & Raspberry, Rice, Rich, Rich Red, Right facing, ring, Rock Salt & Driftwood, Rock Salt and Driftwod, Rock Salt and Driftwood, Romance, Rope Chain, Rose, Rose and Petals, Rose Geranium, Rose gold, Rose Gold Chrome Finish, Rose Petals, rose pink, Rose wonderland, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, Rosemary, Roses, Round, Rounded Brown Beads, Rounded Green Beads, Rounded triangle, Royal Blue, Ruby, Rugger, rust, rust brown, S, S (35-37”), S (36"), S, 2 pairs of shoes, safety keychain, Saffron, sage, Sage Green, Sailship, Salted caramel, Salted Caramel & Pretzel, Salted Caramel and Pretzel, salted caramel buttercream, sand, Sandalwood, Sandalwood & Black Pepper, Sandalwood & Patchouli, sandalwood myrhh, Sandalwood Vanilla, Sandlewood, Santa, Sapphire, Sassy, Sassy (Classy with a side of), Sassy with a side of, Sauvage for Him, Save The Bees Box, Scandal, Scent, Scents, Scorched Dark, Scottie Dog, Sculls, Sea Blue, Sea Marine, Sea Salt, seagreen, Seamoss and Honey, Seamoss and Turmeric, Seaside, Seawed & Juniper, Seaweed and Juniper, Secondary colour, Send in a single use cello bag, Set, set of 2, Set of 2 Linen Napkins, set of 3, set of 4, Set of 4 Linen Napkins, set of 6, set of 8, set with 1 light, set with no light, Sexy – copper, Sexy – gold, Sexy – silver, Seychelles, Shabby Ducks, Shape, Shapes, She got it from Me, She got it from me (got it from mama), Shortbread, Silly moo in pink, silver, Silver Birch Linen Frame, Silver Chrome Finish, Silver Diffuser, Silver Foil, Silver Glitter, Silver Matte Finish, Silver Plated, Silver plated 18 inch chain, Silver plated 20 inch chain, Silver plated 22 inch chain, Silver Plated 24 inch chain, Silver Ribbon, Silver Spider, silver stars, Silver/Blue, silver/grey, silver/rose gold, Silver/White, SilverBlue, Simply Vanilla, single, single card, Single colour black, Single colour cream, Single colour custom, Single custom colour, single layer 02, Single Stars, Sis, Size, size 10×8, Size 5.9cm, Size 9cm, Size G1/2, Size I, Size J, Size K, Size K-L, Size K1/2, Size L, Size L1/2, Size M, Size M-N, Size M1/2, Size N, Size N1/2, Size O, Size O-P, Size O1/2, Size P, Size P-Q, Size P1/2, Size Q, Size Q-R, Size Q1/2, Size R, Size R-S, Size R1/2, Size S, Size S-T, Size S1/2, Size T, Size T-U, Size T1/2, Size U, Size U-V, Size V, Size V-W, Size W, Size W1/2, Size X, Size XL, Size XS, Sizes, sizing, Skull, Skull and Flower Giant Scrunchie Blue, Skull and Flower Giant Scrunchie Pink, Skull and Flower Giant Scrunchie Turquoise, Skull and Flower Pouch Blue, Skull and Flower Pouch Pink, Skull and Flower Pouch Turquoise, Skull Print Throw, Sky blue, Slver Diffuser, small, Small (sitting 12 inch), Small 13 cm, Small Box, small bubblegum, Small Crate, small flower necklace, small green, small lilac, Small Pack, small red, Small red check, Small Snap, small sunset, small yellow, Small/Medium, smoke white wash, Smokey Grey Camo Star, Smokey Grey Leopard Star, Smokey Grey Pink Star, Snap Bar, snow angel, snow fairy, Snowflake, Snowman, Snowman Hat & Scarf Set, Snowman hat and scarf set, soft baby hat, bonnet, Soft green, Soft Green Fern Cotton Pj Set, soft pink, Soothing Blues, Sorry we're late, Sorry we're late (I'm the reason…), Spa Day, Spearmint, spring, Spring awakening, Spring Green, Spring Unstoppable, Springtime conversation kit, Square, Square Clamshell, Stag Print Throw, stained glass effect, Standard (sitting 16 Inch), Star, Star Wars, Starry Night, stars, stars on grey, stemless wine, stemmed wine, Sterling Silver Chain (18 inches), Stocking, stone effect, storm, Strawberries and Cream, strawberry, Strawberry & lilly, Strawberry & lily, stripe, Stripped pine, Strong Mama, Strong mama (Strong like mama), Sugar Skulls, Summer Flowers, Summer fruits, summer,, Sweet Dip, Sweet fennel and jojoba, Sweet Honey & Tobacco, sweet orange, Sweet Pea, sweet rum, T, T Shirt outfit, T Shirt outfit DJ, T shirt outfit TJ, Table size, Tabler holder, Tablet Holder, Tan, Tangerine and grapefruit, Tank, Tartan, Tbale size, Tea tree, Teacher Gift, Teacher Keyring, Teak, teal, terracotta, Texas Dewberry, text colour, text colour – gold, text colour – purple, text colour – red, text colour – rose gold, text colour – silver, text colour – soft pink, text colour – turquoise, text colour – vibrant pink, Thai Orchid, Thank You, The set, The Set – Clear/rose gold, The Set – gold, the set – silver, Thinking of You, This is my circus, Three different designs, Tie Dye Print, Tie-Dye Floral, Tiny Tornado, Tiny Tornado (Chasing Storms), To a very special, To my very special, To our very special, Toadstool treasure, toasted marshmallow, Toffee crisp, Tom Ford ‘F’ fabulous, Tom Ford Lost Cherry, Tom Ford oud wood, Top stripe, Topaz, Toucans, Toy Story, Traditional Cream, Traditional cream (plain), Tranquility, Travel, Treasure, Trees, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Triple Stars, Tripple Stars, Trouble finds me everywhere, Trouble finds me everywhere (Trouble), Tulip, turq set, turquoise, Turquoise Mosaic Bird, tutti frutti, Twighlight, Twilight Garden, Twirl, Two Coasters, Two-Tone Green, Type, U, UK 1st Class, UK signed for, UK tracked, Unframed, unframed + spotify, Unframed + Spotify £18.50, Unframed £16.00, unicorn, Unicorn dreams, Unicorn sparkle, Unicorns rainbow, unscented, Untreated Plain, Up to 3 initials/letters in gold, up to 3 months, Up to 6 letters in gold, Up to 9 letters in gold, Uplifting, V, V&R Flowerbomb, Valentine's Day Gift, Valentine's Day Gift Idea, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Var Colour, Vegetable Marker, Vegetable Stake, Velvet Peony & Oud, Very Berry, Very Rustic, vibrant pink, Viking, Vines, Vintage, Vintage Bookstore, Vinyl, Vinyl Keyring, Violet, VR Flowerbomb, W, W100cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W100cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W100cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W100cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W100cm x H70cm, W110cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W110cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W110cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W110cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W120cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W120cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W120cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W120cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W120cm x D60cm, W120cm x H100cm, W120cm x H80cm, W130 x D60cm, W130cm x D18cm. 71cm Black leg., W130cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W130cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W130cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W130cm x D60cm, W140cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W140cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W140cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W140cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W140cm x D60cm, W150cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W150cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W150cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W150cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg, W150cm x D60cm, W150cm x H100cm, W150cm x H50xm, W160cm x D60cm, W50 x D50 x H50 cm, W60 x D60 x H50 cm, W70 x D70 x H50 cm, W80cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W80cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W80cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W80cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W80cm x H80cm, W90cm x D18cm. 71cm Black Leg., W90cm x D18cm. 71cm Coloured Leg., W90cm x D18cm. 86cm Black Leg., W90cm x D18cm. 86cm Coloured Leg., W90cm x H60cm, W90cm x H90cm, Waist 26”, Waist 28”, Waist 30”, Waist 32”, Waist 34”, Waist 36”, Waist Pillow, Wall Frame, Wall Hanging, Walnut, Walnut veneer, Warm Sandalwood, Warm vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Washed blue, Watermelon, Wax, Wax Melt Bar, Weathered, Westie Print, wham bar, White, White – Ice Blue, White – Plum, White – Princess Pink, White – Purple, White (no dye added), white 1-2, white 2-3, white 3-4, white 5-6, white 7-8, white 9-10, White Arch, white base, White Card, White Cat, White Ceramic, white child, White Chocolate & Raspberry, White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie, White circle, White Floral, white flower on blue, white frame, white frame + spotify, White Frame + Spotify £38.50, white frame + spotify £40.00, White Frame £36.00, white frame £37.50, White Gloss Finish, White hearts, White ladies, white lge, WHITE LINES, white med, White Mosaic Bird, White musk, White rounded triangle, white sml, White Sparkles, White Tassel, White with Pink Bunny, White/blue tray, whitehead by the sea, Width, Wild Flower (I'm raising wildflowers), Wild Mint, Wild Rose, wine red, winter, Winter Glinter set, Wintery Glintery set, Witch fairy, With Butterfly, With candle, with door, with envelopes, With Extra Text, with flowers, With Inclusion Hero Certificate, With leaves, With Photos Printed, Without butterfly, Without candle, without door, Without Extra Text, without flowers, Without gift wrapping, Without leaves, Without Photos Printed, Womans, Wood colour, Wooden material, Woodland Gold, Worm + blue basket, Worm+grey basket, Wow – orange, Wrapper Only, Wreath + hanging eggs, Wreath only, Wrist size 6 inches, Wrist size 6.5 inches, Wrist size 7 inches, Wrist size 7.5 inches, Wrist size 7.75 inches, Wrist size 8 inches, Writing colour, X, X-Large, x1 large "geometric" snap bar, x1 large "hearts" snap bar, XL, XL (44-46”), XL (48"), XL, 5 pairs of shoes, xlarge, XLarge 25 cm, XO, XOXO – bright pink, XOXO – gold, XS, XS (34"), xxl, xxlarge, xxs, Y, Yarn Ball and Knitting Needles, yellow, yellow 1-2, yellow 3-4, yellow 4-5, yellow 5-6, yellow 7-8, yellow 9-10, Yellow and Black Leopard Pouch, Yellow and Floral print, Yellow Bees, Yellow Custard, Yellow fish, Yellow Gloss Finish, Yellow heart, yellow lge, YELLOW LINES, yellow med, Yellow Mosaic Bird, Yellow Roses, yellow sml, Yellow stars, Yes, Ylang Ylang, Yorkshire violet, You hold the key to my heart, Z


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