Wildflowers “Jewel Garden” – Framed Wet Felted Picture with Silk


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Bright, exotic jewel colours. A bestseller in this size and the larger pieces I make. Can also be custom made to suit your tast and decor.
This piece is wet felted and finished with free machine embroidery.
Complete in a plain white frame with mount the piece measures 43cm x 33 cm.


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Rebecca Burns Art

I learned wet felting almost by accident and immediately loved it.  You can prepare all the dry components but you never really know what will happen when you pour water all over it and rub it with olive oil soap! Felting is not only addictive but also incredibly versatile and very forgiving. I use all sorts of different materials in my pictures, merino and other wools, raw silk, wool neps, crushed glass dust and even string!

When the piece is dry I may add detail by needle felting and then its down to free machine and hand embroidery.

I’ve only been crafting seriously for about 5 years, now it’s my full time job and I run fun and often chaotic workshops sharing my knowledge of this ancient craft.

So how did I get here, doing what I love, making beautiful pieces of art everyday? Well, read on to find out ……

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a stressed out, half crazed lawyer decided it was time for a change. She packed up her car …. and dog … left instructions for someone to mow the lawn and headed south…. and she just kept driving. After many adventures including a stay in a brothel and a palatial nunnery (sorry you’ll have to ask for further details!) she finally decided to rest her weary head on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia.

Everyday she wandered the island exploring it’s stunning vista and meeting weird and wonderful people … and slowly she raised her head above the parapet and realised she was once again enjoying life. Not a law book in sight, a small apartment with her faithful companion and space to breathe …. she was finally happy for the first time in a long time. She started to explore all sorts of new things, art, sculpture, writing and she loved it.

Well that was me a few years ago. The people I met and the life I lived there saved me, yes really. It made me appreciate a simpler life and gave me a different set of values and I’ll be eternally grateful to the Island and it’s people. When I returned I decided not to get back on the “hamster wheel” and instead have a go at selling my art.

I hope you like it as much as I love making it. Much of the inspiration for my pieces comes from Kefalonia although I do have my beautiful native county of Derbyshire to thank too.

Feel free to contact me … about anything really … and I may even tell you the brothel story!

Rebecca x


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