Warlord Leather Helmet for Larp, Costume or Cosplay


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Based on the Sutton Hoo helmet this heavy leather helmet(8oz or3.2mm) has a faceplate made up of a upper spectacle section set over a stylised beard lower. This whole is on pivots so it acts as a swing visor which can be clipped up out of the way by means of poppers. Has a short nape guard to protect the neck. It has a chinstrap to keep it secure when you’re upside down.

You don’t have to have the blue cord, I just liked it for the first one, it’ll be black with black leather and brown with brown leather.

These are made to fit so let us have your head size. Just measure the circumference of your head just above the ears. Don’t forget if you’re going to be wearing a mask or a wig to measure over that as well.

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Black, Brown

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Darkblade are based in Greenfield on the edge of Saddleworth Moor. On a crisp winters day looking out of the window you can almost see the goblins arriving at the Battle of the 5 armies.
We’ve been building leather stuff for Larp for over 20 years, designs guided by our many years of larping experience(fighting, dying, running away, the usual stuff)


Meet the team

Tim setup Darkblade many years ago before the Interweb knew what the Interweb was.   Tim designs and builds stuff in leather and has thought of everything your character might need.   He designs patterns, cuts up leather and builds stuff, answers the phone, trades at events and generally runs the company (well, it is his company).

Pete has worked at Darkblade for about a decade.  Noone is quite sure how he joined the company, he probably visited and just forgot to leave.  Pete deals with printing, picking, packing and posting the orders,  reminds Tim to do stuff, bashes rivets, answers emails, reminds Tim to do stuff, builds stuff and takes the blame when Tim hasn’t done stuff.
Pete started live roleplaying back in the Treasure Trap days at Peckforton Castle (them were the days) and attended the final year.  He then got involved in Spirit of Adventure and various other systems which used Gaffa Weapons and we wore Hessian from old potato sacks.

Derek started his modelling career at the age of 2.  He initially modelled nappies and clothing and during his teenage years it is rumoured he was the Milky Bar Kid (although he has never confirmed this).   In his early 20’s he strode the catwalks of Paris and Milan modelling for the high-end fashion houses, he was friends with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, all 3 often seen partying in London.   Derek recently retired and has been modelling on a part-time basis for Darkblade.  Derek currently lives with his micro-pigs on a small holding.  His hobbies and interests include Waterskiing, Yoga, Real Ale and he has what is considered to be a world class collection of pencils.

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