Wales/Cymru Flag Blanket Pattern! – C2C Crochet Pattern/Chart/Graph inc Written Patterns – Download


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These charts, or graphs are multi-purpose. You can use the same chart for a variety of crafts, all ending up with amazing results. Just using crochet, you can use this in a few ways. You can use this for Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet, single/tapestry/pixel crochet or popcorn stitch crochet. You can use it for knitting – or even cross stitch. In the main though, these patterns are designed for C2C.

In these downloadable pattern packs you will get:

A full-sized chart over several pages. You can view this on your device, or print it out as many times as you like for easy viewing! I like to put a dot on stitches/blocks I have completed, so having more than one copy is essential for me!

A scaled down version of the chart that fits on one page.

Also, you will find a useful written guide in case you prefer to use this. These will be black and white written guides for the C2C version and single/tapestry/pixel crochet methods. These will be in both .docx (for Microsoft Office users) and .pdf formats. Included in these guides will be the colour legends.

Useful information…yarn suggestions, size guides and yarn calculators. I have a library of resources from the web and my own that will be helpful or at the very least interesting! The ‘Things Out Of Strings’ patterns and charts are not lessons in how to crochet, a certain level of knowledge is assumed. But I will be including links to guides and tutorials that I found useful when I was learning.

What you won’t see are definitive yarn usages, yarn types or finished sizes. This is totally up to you. There are far too many variations to even contemplate documenting! The joy is you can find the yarn type that will get you the size you want using the resources provided. You can choose colour shades closest to those available in the yarn you want to use. If you want to change any of the colours on the pattern – for example, change the pale blue background on the Santa In the Snow Blanket to pink or lilac, you can absolutely do so. Where possible, I will give dimensions/colours/yarn using personal experience, or of that of my testers as and when I get the data. If you are of a mind to, I would love to see photos of completed works, with the details of what yarn you used, the size of your finished blanket and the colours you chose! With your permission, this will be used on the website and listings to enhance and advise.

Just to note, I will always use American terms, rather than UK. Things Out Of Strings is our sister site, and you can expect the same level of customer service and qualilty of product as you are used to from Melicraft!

As is standard with patterns, you can sell anything you make using the patterns, referencing the Things Out Of Strings pattern is a polite gesture! Please do not sell or share any part of the pattern, please again, refer the creator!


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