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Welcome to my little store of handcrafted, pet inspired designs. I am a newly launched sole trader and as such am always working on new designs. I can also provide designs in various colours, or on various media, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch as bespoke items can be created.

This listing is for a t-shirt with my ‘social distancer; before it was popular’ design added. This obviously is not a pet inspired design. I made this design for myself, to reflect the struggle I have with anxiety, and how it has intensified with the current covid 19 outbreak. I did not create this with the intention of capitalising on what is a terrible situation. However, I have been pushed by friends and family to put this out there, as these are difficult times, which has cost my business a lot and maybe these will raise a smile and help me build up again. My anxiety story is at the bottom of the listing for anyone it might help feel less alone. Its also been point out to me that this slogan is appropriate to those with reactive dogs, who help their humans to be socially distant most of the time 🙂

In the picture I have used a navy t-shirt, which my supplier has an inventory of. Other colours are available, I have attached the full list of colours, please drop me a message to check a specific colour so I can check the stock before ordering.

The design was applied in a flocked white and light blue with white fleck flock vinyl. If another colour shirt is chosen, I will confirm vinyl colours available.

This shirt is also available in sizes up to 4XL, but please get in touch if you would like larger sizes and i can check availability at this time.
All items are shipped Royal Mail second class.

As all items are handcrafted i make each item to order and as such i am to have all items dispatched within two weeks. Please get in touch if you need an item quicker.

Visit me on facebook at; www.facebook.com/BeagleBoysDesigns where many more designs and products can be found.

The reason behind the design:
As someone who suffers with anxiety, I have always felt at my most comfortable when I am away from people. It’s not because I don’t like people, although there are some right idiots around at the moment, it’s simply because I find social interactions difficult, much more so when they are face to face.

I will often retreat into my own space, or not want to go places, and am generally just happier at home around my own things.

Part of this is a confidence thing. I’m not a confident person, although I try my best to be a good person. Whilst I would love to say I am a person that doesn’t care what other people think, I do, and I think that most people that are being honest with themselves do. But with anxiety you worry about everything you say and do. Did someone take it the wrong way, did I say the right thing. You constantly question yourself and how other people see you, so you shut yourself away.

Another part is control. I am triggered a lot by the things I can’t control. When I am out and about, say in a car or on a train or a plane, I lose some control. I can’t just stop and get off, take myself to a safe space, I have to wait until it’s the right time to be able to do so. Things like being in meetings, having to be in a certain place at a certain time etc. These things cause me anxiety.

I’m also a very logical person. So I know there’s no point worrying about the things you can’t control as you can’t change them. There’s no point worrying what people think of you, as what does it really matter. Logically I know there’s actually no point in being anxious, it doesn’t help me, it has no purpose, but I can’t change it. I have to accept it and deal with it the best way I can, which is often on my own.

Well you would think that the current climate was easy for me. I can’t be outside meeting people, I can’t get on a train or a plane etc so I don’t need to worry, I can just happily get on with my life inside my house. But, I’m actually finding it really hard. My safe place, has actually become an environment I have no control over. I’m not here because it’s safe, I’m here because I have no choice, I’ve lost control, and mentally that is hard and an anxiety trigger.

So the point of this waffle?

I’m not alone in this. There are going to be lots of people that feel the same. So to all of them, just know you are not alone. Sometimes what makes the difference is knowing you are not the only one who finds certain things difficult.

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1 review for Unisex Social Distancer T-Shirt Social Distance / Distancing / Anxiety

  1. Fiona Redmond

    Excellent quality T-shirt, which arrived well packed and plastic free!

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2 reviews for Beagle Boys Designs

  1. Fiona Redmond

    Excellent quality T-shirt, which arrived well packed and plastic free!

  2. Mat

    Really pleased with the t-shirt, looks like quality product.

I am a crazy beagle lady, owned by two beagles, Copper Dog and Dexter, who are also known as The Beagle Boys! I have always shopped for beagle inspired items, for both them and myself, and through a recently discovered love for crafting, I thought I would start by own business making such items.

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