Unique Unicorn Horn Wood Wand #4



Unique Unicorn Horn Wood Wand
Embellished with rhinestone sparkles
Wand length = 360mm
All wands will be posted in a gift box.

Deep in the hidden forests of Snowdonia lurk the last herd of wild unicorns. Seldom seen, their presence is indicated by the horns they shed, as they grow. Baby horns are crafted into wands, by an eccentric forest mystic, whilst the adult horns are collected, over a year, at a secret ​location only he knows. Some claim these are mostly ash saplings whose twists are formed by creeping honeysuckle or ivy, ​​but this is a myth!

It takes a year to craft these beautiful appendages which are gathered, at dawn, in the autumn. ​The unicorn horn wood is carefully selected from fallen branches, which blanket forests in the land of Snowdon. Once approved back at the workshop the wood bark is stripped, then the emerging wand is snuggled into a sling and left to slowly dry over the winter. In late spring it is ready for the next stage, sanding, lots and lots and lots of sanding, which helps give an ultra smooth, silky texture to the final horn. An ancient preserving oil, from the Aleurite Fordii tree, is then blended with a secret thinning agent and essential oils. The oiling process can take up to two months, oil is carefully applied and left to dry between coats, as it dries it penetrates the wood, hardening it between layers, giving a waterproof surface that is resistant to alcohol, acetone and vegetable & fruit acids. The oil highly accentuates the wood grain, causing it to pop out, giving an overall rich, warm, satisfying finish. Certain horn woods are selected for decoration with pyrography, gemstones and toppers, while some remain ​in their naked glory.

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Something Out Of Nothing was launched in response to a healing process from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Creativity, in any form is useful, if not vital, in recovery from trauma healing. Giving a person tools for communication, self exploration and validation enable extra salve to an injured soul.Something Out Of Nothing aims to inspire,​ empower and challenge humans by exploring alternative methods of currency, communication and lifestyle, as well as build a sustainable future for the artists under it’s banner. ​We hope to bring creative beings together to celebrate the beauty, quirkiness ​and ​depth of the human ​experience​ and to showcase talent.

Our Story

​​At the end of the last century Hugh was a teacher, healer, Reiki master and ran a thriving meditation centre. Unfortunately this all came rather too easily, Hugh just didn’t fully appreciate his life; in other words he was a bit of a wanker! In 2014, after a long slide into debauchery and addiction, Hugh hit the proverbial ‘rock bottom’, crashed, burned then finally crushed his ego. ​Humbled and spiritually renewed he quit everything and relocated to the mountains to rebuild his life in a more sustainable way using all the ​creativity he had at his disposal.
At the beginning of this century Nikki was a commissioned artist, managed & performed in a band and tried her hand at theatre production; in a nutshell she was a diva! Despite five degenerate years at Fashion College, Nikki eventually managed to become an auditor! In 2012, after two failed marriages and miserable in her career she launched ‘Something Out Of Nothing’, ​as an outlet for her no longer dormant creativity. Nikki began to deepen her spiritual life, gained confidence in her talents and moved to the ​mountains after meeting Hugh in 2016.
In short they were both a pair of fuck ups with a wealth of experience​ of what not to do!
~Having found something
within nothing of themselves.
​Surrendered to that something
where nothing prevails.
Nikki called it ‘Yeshua’,
Hugh said ‘I Am!’, or ‘It’s God’.
Both of them Graced
with the love of the Od.