Stone/Lava Bead Pendant by Akoni Creations



An unusual handmade Pendant for the wearer who loves nature, art and perfume with a dash of sparkle. The Pendant goes beautifully with the flowing styles that are so popular at the moment A one-off piece of jewellery, to be treasured for its uniqueness, it is indeed Wearable Art. The pendant has a really interesting stone, found on the River Hull, UK, Foreshore with some unusual fossil markings. It is mounted on sealed, black, recycled felt (made from plastic bottles) Size 100mm x 70mm. Black wood dowelling and a small diamanté completes the picture. To the back is a small silver daisy-like flower. The pendant hangs on a black twisted cord, size 325mm making the overall size 425mm (26 inches) approximately. The cord has three Bali-type silver beads : the first is fixed the other two are sliding to allow for length/shape adjustment.
At the ends of the cord are five Lava Beads, Lava…. a lightweight, porous rock, formed from liquid Magma expelled from erupting volcanoes. It is said to be a grounding stone, calming but also gives intense energy to the wearing. Because of Lava’s lightweight properties, we produce wonderful beads and because of it porous texture it acts as a diffuser for our favourite Essential Oils (see our selection). To use, place your Lava bead on a piece of kitchen roll and add a few drops of your chosen Essential Oil. Allow the oil to be absorbed for a few minutes before wearing your jewellery. Essential Oil fragrances will fade at different rates, but usually will last at lease two days, Although we use many recycled items, all our jewellery findings are new. Your jewellery is packaged in a brown recycled cardboard box with a black lining, we recommend storing your jewellery in the box, It will be sent first class, free of charge within two days of us receiving your order. We offer a refund policy if your Jewellery is not to your liking and returned within two weeks of purchase. We also undertake commissions, maybe you have a sentimental item that you would like made into a necklace, or a particular colour or style to go with an outfit. Just email us at ……….. …[email protected] ….we will do our best to help. Thank you for your interest in our work..

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Hi … My name is Polly, and I live just outside York, North Yorkshire, England, and my interest in beads and jewellery started at the age of five (or so my mother told me)  when I collected broken necklaces,  putting the beads in one of my father’s tobacco tins and taking it into school on my first day; and so started a craze amongst the children of collecting and swapping beads. That interest has never waned and my experience of collecting interesting beads and gem stones  from all the world, has given me hours of pleasure. I have been  lucky enough to work in the fashion industry all of my working life and have been fortunate to have outlets for my hobby. I enjoy watching the changes of styles and fabrics used in the clothing industries; am passionate about recycling and nature and this is reflected in my work. I am also fortunate in having a partner who is a keen photographer and DIYer .. so I put his skills to good use. Thank you for visiting Akoni Creations.