Un<3PERFEKT – Fine Photography Art Print – Naveda Rose



This piece is part of a shoot that I did, which mainly focused on self acceptance and body positivity. These knickers were made by fellow artist, Makel Art, who does amazing work. As soon as I recieved them, I knew they would be a part of this series. As with nearly all of mine, this is a self portrait that I have shot and edited myself. Putting my art degree to good use, my photography often focuses on the weird, wonderful, and esoteric. This print is no exception.

This print is roughly 6″x6″ – rarely are my prints in standard sizes as they get cropped in accordance to their specific compositions.

Prints arrive in a protective sleave and without watermark, of course.

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I’m an artist, a dominatrix, and own a wrestling promotion or two. Life is weird and wonderful and then we die.

I’m currently living in Glasgow, but never stay put. I’m in America today. Canada tomorrow. Australia soon. Spain even sooner. Standing still has never really worked out for me.

I paint things. I take pictures. I write and breathe and fall over when I try to dance. You know, all the things.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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