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I’ve decided, mainly because people are requesting it more and more, to make more things connected to the vintage, classic sci-fi TV shows which are still beloved to this day (mainly because most sci-fi movies these days are heavy on CGI and light on plot). Therefore here’s the first! I have to confess, I never watched “The Tomorrow People” back in the 1970s (I was always more a Dr Who or Blake’s 7 fan) but to this day it still has a thriving community of fans. This is by far the most requested of the various sci-fi devices from that era so yes, I finally pulled my finger out and got it done.

For those who don’t know (and I was one of them until now), The Tomorrow People was the story of a group of British youngsters with special powers who fight crime. They’re also able to teleport from place to place by use of a device called a Jaunting Belt. As the name suggests this is a device worn on a belt around the waist which, when activated, would teleport the user wherever they wanted to go. This then can be your excuse to chuck on some HEINOUS 70s fashion and fight crime too! I’ve made the device with a slot on the rear and four pins which can be used to mount it on a webbing belt.

Please note: I’m supplying the device ONLY, NOT the actual whole belt. There are so many different kinds out there I thought this was the least hassle for all those involved.

I have kind of taken a few minor artistic liberties with the design as there doesn’t seem to be one definitive version. Also, let’s be honest here; the props for all the classic sci-fi tv series (especially from the BBC) were made loooooooooong before HDTVs and 4K were a thing, and in those days prop-design was basically using only the BEST gaffer tape and tinfoil. I had to eyeball the dimensions and I THINK I’ve got it pretty close. It won’t teleport you anywhere but it’ll certainly get you noticed at your next cosplay event.

If there are any other classic sci-fi devices you’d like me to look at with a view to producing you’re very welcome to message me and send suggestions. In the end I’m here for all of you out there, I’m self-employed but you’re kind of my boss. Any and all suggestions gratefully received 🙂

98mm wide x 74mm deep x 9mm thick (thickest point)


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  1. joanna diamond

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  2. Weloveourbees

    Trevor never fails to astound me with the beautiful colors of his bee pods and bee clubs…. yes, they serve a valuable purpose here in Florida (I put clove oil in them to attract male Orchid Bees, who rub the clove oil on their legs) but they are just so beautiful to look at. Trevor, you sir, are a talented, professional and incredibly creative GENIUS with all the things you do for the bees – THANK YOU THANK YOU – will be ordering more. People in Florida just go nuts for them! We spend hours watching these fascinating Orchid Bees with the clove oil….. just wonderful.

  3. Weloveourbees

    They visit it every day – I put some cotton balls in it soaked in clove oil, and these little green shy Orchid bees (the males) come and gather the clove oil, and rub it on their legs, to attract the ladies. It’s easy to maintain – just basically screws apart – has provided me HOURS of entertainment and has helped the orchid bees woo their women. Brilliant invention and design!

  4. joanna diamond

    Mine is the large version, so it holds a lot more water and in Florida, it’s so hot that water evaporates quickly – which is why I asked Trevor to make me a giant one! It’s BEYOND my wildest expectations! It’s just fantastic – a real quality product – same color as the previous bee waterer he made me (that the bees love – except that one didn’t have a thread for a water bottle, so it dried up too quickly in this heat) – deep so holds a lot of water, numerous stepping stones and rims so that if a bee falls in (which she will), she can easily get out. It easily fits my sport top water bottles (so the thread is perfect) – It exceeded my expectations. Just WONDERFUL!

  5. Weloveourbees

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  6. Eugen

    I got my package today all good thanks

  7. trujilla1netzeronet

    As usual, Trevor has created another masterpiece. A very cool item!
    Thank you.

  8. trujilla1netzeronet

    As usual, Trevor has created another masterpiece. A very cool item!
    Thank you, Trevor!

  9. Weloveourbees

    I actually got this for a friend of mine who is super wealthy, has all the jewelry she could ever want – and I didn’t know what to get her for Christmas – she also loves bees and when I gave her these earrings, she was absolutely THRILLED! They’re fun, bright – well made – and she wore these to a fancy Christmas party and got LOTS of great comments!!!!! I have a pair myself and am always getting great fun comments – they are just too cute for words!!!!! Great gifts for the bee lovers in your life – you can get regular honey bees or green orchid bee earrings – love love love them! Shipping was quick, but took a while to get here over Christmas (mail delays) but Trevor was very helpful and quick email responses. Great experience. Will buy more from you.

  10. Weloveourbees

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  11. Weloveourbees

    Outstanding customer service – the Bee Feeder is amazing, I put some cotton balls soaked with clove oil (must be food grade) and the male orchid bees flock to it – I like this design because of the canopy, protects the base from rain – will be ordering more. Trevor is very responsive to email inquiries (was a slight delay with mail over Christmas) – buy with confidence from him, I have bought quite a few things and he’s one of the best sellers out there. LOVE the bee feeder and the color is awesome!

  12. Ben Sharples

    Brilliant! Just brilliant! Original design and fun and cute as well! Really well printed, cool looks, and stupid (in the best way), perfect gift!

  13. joanna d.

    Outstanding customer service – the earrings are amazing! Great gifts for bee lovers – very happy with quality and service.

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