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The light within Atlantis – The new book from Sharon Milne Barbour

This is a story of finding Atlantis – the light in the universe, set in ancient times and tells of the ancient utopia we all seek and how it was lost.

This was a time of miracles, wonder and love with a divine connection to the highest power source in the universe.

This book will enlighten you in ways you could never imagine and will guide you through a journey of wonder we can only dream off.

• Telling the rise and fall of Atlantis
• Secrets of the Universe
• Reveals many other planets and dimensions
• Showing the experience of an incarnated soul
• Multidimensional travel
• Enlightenment, wonder and miracles
• Read about the involvement of the twelve Celestial Guardians, and the Intergalactic Council

“WOW! Blew my mind. I’ve always had questions about Atlantis, this book answers them and more. I would highly recommend this book – Great read”

This Book is available as a paperback or downloadable from Kindle on Amazon

Some will see this as a fictional story, it is Channelled from Sharon’s spirit guides and as they say
“The truth will resonate with your soul but there are those of you that are not ready to see the truth”

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