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Wildlife Planters are designed for British wildlife and are handcrafted in a small workshop in Hampshire. Note that we only deliver to UK addresses and everything is made to order.

The Cavity will help to encourage biodiversity in any outdoor space by offering a cavity habitat as well as a planting area for a meadow habitat.

Dimensions: with everything being handcrafted, dimensions aren’t exact but The Cavity will be no more than 30x33x40cm (LxWxH) and it weighs around 5kg before soil.

Your Wildlife Planter comes built and ready to be placed where you want to attract wildlife, making it a pleasant experience to fill with soil and get growing. We recommend growing a meadow in them, the only upkeep is cutting down any growth once a year in winter. It’s fairly simple, the hardest part is deciding where to place them but they can always be moved again later!

Wildlife Planters eventually warp, split and rot! It may sound like a bad thing but this is nature’s way of letting life in. The more ‘imperfect’ your Wildlife Planter becomes the more beneficial it will be to your local wildlife.

Please visit for more details!

By supporting Studio Parvin you’re not only helping your local wildlife and increasing biodiversity, you’re also helping real people live their dream of running a small business in a sustainable way.

Included: The Wildlife Planter & A Short Guide
Optional: Meadow Seeds & A Safety Screw
Not Included: Soil (5-10l) & General Garden Tools

Options Explained

Choose Your Meadow Seeds

In the Meadow: a classic all round meadow seed mix containing essential grass and wildflower species for starting a new meadow habitat.

Beauty in the Meadow: a grass and wildflower seed mix developed to encourage butterflies during the day and moths by moonlight.

Buzzing in the Meadow: a purely wildflower seed mix for the more lively (and noisy) members of the meadow community.

Safety in the Meadow

For added stability, attach your Wildlife Planter to another Wildlife Planter (or a post, wall etc.) There’s a hole in the centre of the Studio Parvin logo especially for a screw to attach. The screw is stainless steel which means it will be able to be reused multiple times if the Wildlife Planters are rearranged.

The reason it’s optional is because not everyone will need this feature and as a sustainable business that could mean it gets wasted if it’s always included. It is up to you to assess the safety of the product, Studio Parvin cannot accept any responsibility for any injury incurred.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message, we aim to respond within 24hrs (:

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions12 × 13 × 16 in

Beauty in the Meadow, Buzzing in the Meadow, In the Meadow, X I don't need Meadow Seeds


Safety in the Meadow, X I don't need Safety in the Meadow


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  1. Adam Browning

    Great design and beautifully made, something different for the garden, and wildlife friendly as well. Thank you!

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