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Perfect Tea gift set to say thank you Or for a house warming gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift , mother’s day gift, a thoughtful gift for this special person , a congratulation gift or as a treat for your own tastebuds.
This premium gift set is sure to delight any tea lover out there , from the curious tea dabblers to the tea connoisseurs.

Tube bottle size:
Height: 7 cm
Width: 2.7cm

Gift set contains:
5 Tube bottles
1 Tea infuser spoon
1 mini wooden spoon
1 double wall insulated glass

Pick your favourite teas from the selection below and name it in the personalised section. If no details are provided, we will randomly choose it for you.

Blue Lady Tea – similar to Earl Grey but bigger, bolder and, arguably, better. This loose leaf tea is a Flavoured Black Tea blended with ingredients such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mallow flowers, rose petals and sunflower blossoms

Camomile Flowers Tea – beloved type of Herbal Tea. It can improve sleep and relieve anxiety

Russian Earl Grey – type of Flavoured Black Tea considered popular in Russia. The base of the blend is high-grown Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea and China Black Tea from Anhui Province.

Rose Congou Superior Tea – Black tea and Rose Petals from the Chinese province of Fujian. A delicate floral taste with malty notes

Jasmine Tea with Flowers – It contains scented Green Tea and real flower petals. Such a combination is a match made in heaven, delivering floral flavours and grassy undertones with every sip.

Hibiscus Flower Tea – Known for its tart flavour considered reminiscent of cranberries or pomegranates. The primary reason is that drinking Hibiscus Flower Tea for high blood pressure can help reduce levels.

Rose Petals Tea – soft, delicate, floral infusion.

Bora Bora Tea – exotic sweet and tangy fruit tisane, made of Hibiscus flowers, papaya cubes, pieces of apple, currants , elderberries , blackcurrants, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, sunflower blossoms , cornflower blossoms and natural flavouring.

Strawberry and Cream Tea – product of Britain’s favourite dessert made into a deliciously indulgent Fruit Tisane. It contains strawberry pieces, apple pieces, rosehips, currants, hibiscus flowers and all-natural flavouring to create an infusion of exceptional character and charm.

Rose Buds Tea – floral and refreshing Herbal Tea.

Peppermint Whole Leaves Herbal Infusion – classic whole leaf peppermint(as near as can be). A cool refreshing caffeine free infusion made from Peppermint leaves. It has a pure natural menthol that refreshes and relaxes. Delicious after food, cleans and refreshers the palate.

Vanilla Chai – A tasteful delight from India – Typical spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom are blended with Assam leaf tea and mingled with Vanilla. Giving a lovely milky finish.

Rooibos or Redbush Tea – the national beverage in South Africa, produced from the native red bush plant. It tastes mild , aromatic and is caffeine free.

Wellness Tea – A flavoured South African Rooibos with honeybush, honey flavouring, anise, fennel, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, sweet blackberry leaves, ginseng. A tea with honey flavour that leaves the body and mind feeling pleasant with a sense of balance and harmony.

Watermelon and Mint – A classic summer combo of apple pieces, Honeydew melon, Hibiscus Blossoms, Elderberries, Peppermint, Rosehip Peel, Watermelon Flakes. It makes a wonderful Watermelon and Mint Iced Tea! It is naturally caffeine-free.

Rhubarb Cream Fruit – creamy, sweet, and delicious. This Rhubarb-Cream Fruit Infusion is enhanced with pieces of rhubarb , apple, hibiscus, rosehip peel, pineapple, mango, papaya and natural rhubarb flavouring, sunflower petals .Perfect hot or cold over ice.

Red Fruit Pudding Infusion – This juicy fruit infusion tastes of homegrown berries with the delicious flavour of raspberries and cherries. It is also naturally caffeine free.

Heavens Delight – a delicious seasonal aroma of vanilla and almonds that give this wonderful mild fruit infusion a special festive taste experience. Other ingredients such as pieces of apple, hibiscus, pieces of papaya, sultanas, pieces of pineapple, cinnamon rind, roasted coconut shavings.

Fiery Cherry – A powerful blend of morello cherries, hibiscus and orange peel, with the finishing touch of pure cherry juice. This is a great pick me up cup for those cold winter days.

Rose Petals Black tea – A flavoured blend of black and green tea with rose flavour. A blend of the finest China teas mixed with red rose petals and the delicate scent of the rose.

Pomegranate & Cranberry – Tangy taste of pomegranate and cranberry pieces with a silky, delicate white tea to create a fragrant, sweet liquor. This lively combination, is the perfect tea to detox your body and lift your spirits. The same leaves can be re-used for up to 3 infusions

Cherry Blossom Green – A beautiful Japanese Sencha Green Tea laced with Cherry Blossom. Its light, delicate taste and intoxicating aroma are wonderfully appealing and soothing. The same leaves can be re-used for up to 3 infusions

Time Out – A floral blend of exquisite rose petals, fragrant lavender blossoms and bright yellow chamomile flowers will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Perfect during times of stress or for relaxation. The same leaves can be re-used for up to 3 infusions

Moroccan Mint Tea – Deliciously minty and invigorating. It is made with dried mint leaves and Gunpowder green tea.The same leaves can be re-used for up to 3 infusions

Super Berry – A delicious fruit blend of Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple Pieces and Orange Peel. The liquor is bright with a beautiful bouquet and superb fruity flavour. It is naturally caffeine free, extremely refreshing and full of super berry goodness! The same leaves can be re-used for up to 3 infusions


Place 3g (1-2 tsps) of tea per person in a pot or cup infuser.
Pour on fresh, boiled water and brew for 3 – 5 minutes according to taste.
For white & green tea – using boiling water to steep white tea can damage the leaves, so instead use water that is :
– around 75°c (boiling water that has been allowed to cool for 3 minutes) for white tea
– around 80°c (boiling water that has been allowed to cool for 2minutes) for green tea

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