Stunning ocean jasper goddess 8 cm tall 140 grams #1


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Ocean jasper Goddess
* 140 grams
* 8 cm tall
* Hand Carved
* Grams
* Kilos
* Height

Ocean Jasper encompasses the revitalizing and restorative power of the sea. Echoing the serenity of the shoreline, it attunes you to the soft rhythmic movement of the tide, inviting total peace and relaxation. Within this moment of tranquillity, it gently lures you into a deep meditative state of calm focus and vast awareness.

This mystical stone carries the consciousness of Atlantis. Nurturing your psychic gifts, it channels the sacred teachings of this ancient civilization and brings insight from past-life lessons. Empowering a sense of unity for all beings of this Earth, it draws attention to the fragile balance of our ecosystem and our responsibility to preserve the seas so future generations can benefit from its healing abilities.

Teaching patience and compassion, Ocean Jasper emphasizes transformation as a slow and steady process. It encourages you to release the need for control, inviting you to stop resisting the current and trust that the waters will safely carry you. It is a reminder that this voyage on Earth should be treasured and embrace the flow of life with all its chaos and beauty.

Ocean Jasper Properties

* Balance
* Calm
* Meditation
* Personal Growth
* Psychic Abilities
* Transformation
* Vitality

Ocean Jasper Chakra’s
Root Solar Plexus

Ocean Jasper Physical Characteristics

Also known as ‘Atlantis Stone’ or ‘Sea Jasper,’ Ocean Jasper is a variety of Orbicular Jasper that contains spherical markings caused by crystallized quartz and feldspar inclusions. Opaque with green-blue, tan, cream, and brown colouring.

Ocean Jasper Geographic Locations

This is a rare and colourful material from Madagascar. It has long been described as a variety of orbicular jasper.

** Due to crystals being a natural product, this crystal may have some minor imperfections on the outer surface

ACTUAL AS SEEN: The image shows the EXACT specimen you will receive. The specimen has been carefully hand selected and photographed. Measurements are as accurate as possible, though be aware measuring precise dimensions can be difficult from irregular shaped items. Whilst we portray colours as close to life-like as we can, colours will vary if taken in sunlight, indoors, from monitor to monitor and device to device. Once this specimen is sold, we will update this listing with new similar selected item, with a new photo and dimensions


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