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My name is Dr David Postlethwaite I am a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist with 30 years of successful practice. I currently have a thriving busy practice in the Northeast of England, but I have worked in many countries including Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sudan. I have decided to release my therapies in CD, USB and electronic download format.

Gambling Dependence Hypnotherapy; The dictionary definition of the word ‘gamble’ is “take risky action in the hope of a desired result”. Gambling is based on hope, of wishful thinking, but logically, we know it relies on a lot of luck. Gambling Dependence Hypnotherapy can help anyone to beat this self-destructive habit in just one affordable session.

Gambling addiction Hypnotherapy

The odds are always stacked against the gambler, for every win they will have numerous losses. Their gambling habits have become a Habit; they only remember the wins. That feeling of euphoria and just like a drug addict, they will do anything to get that feeling back, no matter what the cost.
Vicious Circle

The more they lose, the more they will get that anxious feeling and try and recoup their losses. They have become obsessed, they become more desperate, and all common sense disappears. Stakes become higher, and that need to win overwhelms them.

The majority of people like to enjoy a little gamble sometimes in our lives.

Gambling Dependence Hypnotherapy

Whether it is once a year when I put a pound on a horse, I like the name of in the Grand National, or I buy a weekly lottery ticket. I enjoy that moment of anticipation and excitement as the horses’ race to the finishing line or when the lotto numbers are called out.
Pain not Pleasure

It becomes dependence when it is no longer a pleasure, and someone feels compelled to continue on the chance of winning regardless of the odds. It becomes a problem for them when they gamble more than you can afford. Now it affects their ability to function without that constant craving for the next gambling ‘fix’.
Gambling Dependence Hypnotherapy

Some are fortunate to recognise they have an addiction and have decided to seek appropriate help.

Gambling Dependence Hypnotherapy – One therapy that has proved to be successful in dealing with gambling dependence is hypnotherapy. I will guide my subject into a state of relaxation, bypassing the conscious mind and allowing the subconscious mind to focus on my positive suggestions.
Hypnotherapy for gambling

Free yourself now

The therapy will allow them to subconsciously modify their behaviour and understand that your actions are no longer appropriate or beneficial.
Like most dependences, whether it be gambling, drink, drugs or food, they need your next ‘fix’. Hypnotherapy helps by ridding them of this craving, replacing it with a more positive, appropriate behaviour. I will give my subject the tools and techniques to use whenever the need to gamble manifests itself. Not only will the hypnotherapy help them to regain a sense of calm, no longer feeling that constant anxiety that goes accompanies most addictions, but they will also be able to rebuild their life, free of the gambling addiction.
Hypnotherapy can help you to easily take control of your life and quit gambling.
Instructions for safe and proper use
1. If you have purchased this therapy make sure you have saved the file to the device you wish to play it on.
2. Begin by finding somewhere where you can safely relax, this therapy is going to induce you into a state of hypnosis so should not be used whilst driving or operating machinery. As a general guide look at the situation and ask yourself, would I be safe if I fell asleep?
3. Begin playing the recording and follow my verbal instructions.
4. Relax and enjoy
5. Repeat at least once daily for at least a month.
Please do not mistake these with cheaper products produced by poorly qualified therapists, this product will induce you into a state of Hypnosis, during this state I will give you some very powerful suggestions enabling you to make positive changes to your life. You must not use theses therapies when driving or operating machinery.

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Dr David Postlethwaite is a Hypnotherapist with 30 years of sucsessful practice.

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