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This listing is for a papercutting template – you will not receive a finished papercut but a file to cut the design yourself

This template is designed to be HANDCUT only.



Please credit this template to Babees Boutique Papercutting where possible, this includes any images shared on social media.

This template is supplied ready for you to print on A4 paper. You may resize the template if you wish.

The template comes with both personal and commercial use meaning you may sell and finished cuts you make using this template (up to 100)

If you would like to buy more than one template, there is a bundle available.

This is a template only, you will not receive a finished papercut. Due to the nature of the listing, no refunds are possible on this item.
Babees Boutique Papercutting © 2020
Images and artwork may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form other than intended without written consent. By purchasing this item you agree to my shop policies

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1, 1 – 12 Characters, 1 – 8 letters one name, 1 picture turned to illustration, 1 Taurus, 1 to 10 Letters One Name Only, 1 to 6 letters ONE name, 1-20 Characters, 10, 10 Aquarius, 11 Pieces, 12 Aries, 18th, 2, 2 Characters, 2 Gemini, 2 inches, 2 names, 2 Numerals, 2 pics turned to illustration, 21st, 25th, 3, 3 Cancer, 3 Capricorn, 3 Characters, 3 pics turned to illustration, 30, 30th, 4, 4 Characters, 4 inches, 4 Leo, 4 names, 4 people, 4 pics turned to illustration, 40, 40th, 5, 5 names, 5 people, 5 pics turned to illustration, 5 Virgo, 5-8 names, 50, 50th, 6, 6 Libra, 6 NAME, 6 names, 6 people, 6 x chocolates, 6 x macarons, 6-12 characters, *please add word/s in notes at checkout., 6-13 characters, 60, 60th, 7, 7 people, 7 Scorpio, 7 to 12 letters ONE name, 70, 70th, 8, 8 names, 8 Sagittarius, 80, 80th, 9, 9 Capricorn, 90, A, A4 2 orders per side (160 detailed orders), A4 Double Sided (80 Detailed Order Sheets), Add 2 colour choices at checkout., Add bag colour, Add Characters at 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