Welcome to the Fantasy Candles nuMONDAY shop. I make candles using organic beeswax and also soy wax.

Beeswax is nature's finest wax, and organic beeswax is the best beeswax available. Beeswax is a by product of honey production and no bees are harmed in honey, or beeswax production – why would a beekeeper harm his workforce? Bees can fly approx 3 miles from their hive to forage for nectar, therefore to certify beeswax as organic, there has to be an distance of 3 miles in every direction from the hive which is certified organic land. Unfortunately there is nowhere in the UK that is this able to have this certification and so my organic beeswax has to be imported. Beeswax is a slow burning wax which has it's own gentle scent, burning beeswax candles also purifies the air in your home.

My soy wax candles are made from pure soy wax and scented with high quality fragrances (and some essential oils), the range of fragrances is growing, so keep checking back for more!

Mistletoe and Winter Jasmine scented soy wax candle tin


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Mistletoe and Winter Jasmine scented soy wax candle tin handmade in Wales.

Tin size 75mm diameter x 60mm high. Burning time 30 hours approx.

Making high quality candles since the 1990’s!

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