We are an innovative small business which believes that this cold modern world could do with a lot more warm wool, hot colours, and vintage values.  Our designs offer lots of lovely things to keep you warm and help you sleep, from small eye-masks to proper wool blankets, with wheat bags and hot water bottles taking centre stage. Made in Britain, using pure wool, with original designs.  Good stuff.

Sleep pillow, hops and lavender, natural sleep aid, insomnia remedy, pure wool blanket, sleep cloud


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A gorgeous woolly cloud, filled with hops, lavender, and chamomile, to help you drift off to sleep naturally.
Made of pure wool woven blanket, to our own original design.
Hops have long been known for their sleep inducing properties, and not just when converted into real ale, lovely though that is. I have discovered a problem that the experts didn’t mention, hops don’t smell great on their own. I would go so far as to say they stink, although that might just be me. However, if you mix them with lavender and chamomile, then it all smells great and they help you sleep too, so it all works to the same end.
The idea of these is to scrunch the filling a little to release the fragrance, and then put it near your pillow as you go to sleep.
Unlike our other products, this does not need to be microwaved, it is not a heat pad.

Size 24 x 16cm.

I have been sewing all my life, starting at age 4 with a big bodkin, which makes it almost 50 years of sewing!  Most recently I was a textiles teacher, and developed my courses to include researching and dyeing wool.  This led on to making gifts from all the dyed wool blankets I had amassed, and I discovered that people like my products!  So chuffed.  So here I am, running what my mother calls ‘almost like a real business’, and having the best time.  My house is snowed under with rolls of blanket, half-finished products, and sacks of wheat.  My children are about to leave home, and my husband works from a garden office, so I figured the house is practically my own.  My best thing is inventing new products, and I loathe mass production, which explains why we offer so much variation on a theme.  I am committed to hand-made production, to using pure wool, to buying from British suppliers, and to making gorgeous stuff.  I hope you like it, xxx

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