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Simple History – Colour Pyramids Coffee Mug – FREE UK Delivery


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Simple History – Aliens built the pyramids coffee mug. NOW IN GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOR!

A part of the ‘Simple History’ range of items in my Etsy shop that aim to offer a very brief introduction to historical events or periods presented in an almost childlike drawing style. The major aim being to have just enough facts being correct but it being humorous enough to mean you can explain the full story of the events to your children, or if older it could make them look up the full wider story themselves.

The Pyramids design for instance makes mention of the fact many people believe aliens built the pyramids (I know, but still). This gives you a chance to explain to your children etc the reality of them. Hopefully they, and maybe even yourself, may learn something new from looking into it all.

11oz mug made with the renowned Orca coating, the best sublimation printing coating you can get. Mug is a lovely bright white unlike cheaper mugs.

Mug will be delivered in a custom multi-wall cardboard mug box. For orders of more than 1 mug, a padded out box will be used instead to save space.

NOTE – These are made to order, as such the dispatch time will be between 1-3 days, most likely 1-2 business days however. Should large orders happen, the time for dispatch could increase.

UK DELIVERY – Free of charge. Requires a signature on arrival.

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11oz Mug

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Needed a career change to improve my life and sense of well-being.
For Organic & Ethically made T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Tote bags visit – www.monkeybutlerdesigns.com’d love to say that I have a ‘process’ or something meaningful is a muse to me and so on. But the reality is that I am a normal person who was inspired to try this by one of my friends and their creative endeavours. Whilst being in a job I didn’t particularly enjoy, I have put all my eggs into one basket and hope things can change.I do not consider myself particularly talented with regards to drawing, graphics etc, but I do occasionally have good ideas. I just visualise them all in very simple ways. Outlines, stick men, single colours….. I don’t much care for fussiness.

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