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Includes Unrefined shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa),and lavender oil (lavendula)
Excellent for:
-Moisturising dry skin
-Reducing redness of skin
-Treating eczema
-Leaves the skin glowing!
-Leaves the skin with lovely, subtle, lavender scent
-Light yellow or ivory in complexion
-Store in a cool, dry place
-If pregnant or breastfeeding, speak to medical practitioner before use as this product contains an essential oil
-Do not add water
-This product is not to be eaten

Shea Touch Lavender is made from 100% unrefined shea butter, lavender oil and added Vitamin E oil. We have carefully crafted and combined these ingredients together, to form an excellent combination; leaving you with beautifully, moisturised and aromatic skin. This product contains unrefined shea butter which means that it has been extracted without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Our shea butter is in it’s purest form, loaded with plenty of goodness for your skin and hair. Upon using it, you’ll observe the warm, lovely, subtle, lavender scent that makes using it as a body butter even more enticing!

Lavender benefits

Lavender has been used in cosmetics throughout the ages. It’s even mentioned in the Holy Bible! Lavender can be used to reduce redness of skin, moisturise dry skin and help treat eczema.

Vitamin E oil benefits

Vitamin E oil is an antioxidant that helps to relieve skin from eczema, adds hydration to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use: Take pound sized amount, and moisturise onto skin.

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The Start
The concept of Shea Touch was birthed six years ago when Founder Oyin Olusanya became frustrated when the search for quality shea butter always ended hopeless. Oyin knew within her that obtaining quality shea butter in the UK could be possible. She was passionate about natural hair and skin care, and wanted to provide more men and women with this versatile product. Oyin started from humble beginnings – selling Shea Touch in no thrills take away plastic containers, despite the lack of aesthetic appeal the product worked for those who used it and the demand started to grow.

The Process
It would be a lie if we stated sourcing quality shea butter always came easy! In our journey we’ve trialled different types of shea butter to find what works best for our Majesties (we call the men and women who use Shea Touch; Majesties). We can proudly say we’re working with our lovely family back home in Africa to provide individuals here in the UK with natural, cruelty free, organic product that works. Do you know what also didn’t always come easy? Having the confidence to share Shea Touch with the whole world. This is why Shea Touch is more than just skin care and hair care – it represents taking risks and not letting you get in the way of you!

Where we are now
We are still very much in the beginning stages of our story. But our mission is always to provide our Majesties with quality ingredients for their hair and skin. All of our products contains unrefined shea butter that is in its purest form, packed with Vitamin A and E. At Shea Touch we believe that simplicity is key. We keep our product list simple; we’re free of man-made ingredients such as phthalates and parabens. At present, all of our products are individually hand whipped by ME! When you make a purchase from Shea Touch we can guarantee you that you’re receiving a product that is made with love and care.

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