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The chain of this necklace is an 18 inch (46cm) sterling silver snake chain with a low tarnish coating to keep it sparkly for longer. The rainbow of beads are all semi precious and the pendant part is 4 inches (10cm) in length.
The colours and stones are as follows

Red – Tourmaline aids in understanding, promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear.
It enhances inspiration, compassion and wealth.
It releases tension and paranoia and improve dyslexia and hand eye co-ordination.
Orange – Dragon Vein Agate overcomes bitterness and negativity. It heals inner anger and fosters love and the courage to start again making it useful for any kind of emotional trauma.
It increases concentration, perception and analytical abilities which can lead to practical solutions.
Yellow – Jade is energetic and stimulating but mellow.
It brings joy and happiness.
Green – Peridot is the birthstone for August is a stone born of fire.
It has the power to drive away personal darkness, increase health, happiness, love and wealth.
It is said to aid sleep.
Turquoise – Howlite is an extremely calming stone, placed under the pillow it is an excellent antidote to insomnia especially when caused by an overactive mind.
Blue – Goldstone is a man-made semi precious stone that looks as if there are a million stars inside it. It is said to help you attain your goals and boosts the strength of your life force. It comes in four colours, a rusty brown, navy blue, deep green and purple. Purple is the rarest and hard to find. The colours are ’caused’ by the chemicals added to the mix. It is created in a low oxygen environment.
Purple – Amethyst is powerful and protective. It blocks stress and negative energy and is traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness. Amethyst can help alleviate sadness and support coming to terms with loss.

Alicry Trinkets is one person, my name is Beverley Wilkinson, everyone calls me Buffy.  I’m the mother of four sons aged between 17 and 27 and Granny to three grandsons and two granddaughters, in fact, the name AlicRy was created from two of my grandchildren – Alice and Rylan.
I love to make things and since 2013 those things have mainly been of the beady variety.  I’m passionate about the beads, glass beads especially, I am fast learning not only new techniques but interesting things about the beads and semi-precious stones, including the newer man-made ones Opalite, Fordite and Goldstone.
While making and designing new things I’m also learning the business side :) things like SEO and the difference between copyright and copy write, and exciting things about photography, light and locations, and boring things like taxes and marketing.
When I’m not playing with beads I love to dabble in graphic design and this shows in my sublimation jewellery and gift range.

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Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)

Within United Kingdom (UK)£3.30
Outside United Kingdom (UK)£12.40

Shipping Policy

Postage At the time of writing this I send everything using Royal Mail signed for postage, I have been using their services for my business for five years now and less than a handful of parcels have ever failed to arrive. I am happy to post anywhere in the world but outside the UK it must go by tracked and recorded post so I know where it is at all times and can claim back if a parcel wanders off. The fastest shipping time so far to the USA was nine days so I ask that you allow fourteen days for delivery if you are outside the UK.

Return Policy

Returns. For hygiene reasons I cannot accept earrings returned. Repairs and wear/tear If something arrives broken I will repair or refund it where possible when shown proof of irreparable damage, a photograph is often adequate but occasionally I will request the item be returned before I refund, I prefer to ask for a picture as it's easier for you to do via messaging or email. Care of your costume jewellery Once received it is your responsibility to ensure your jewellery lasts. Silver plate tarnishes at exactly the same speed as pure silver items, this means that if left exposed to the air and moisture your metal will yellow over time and eventually turn dark. Most of the items I sell are costume jewellery intended for occasional wear, they are silver plated and silver plate wears off through frequent use and (especially if worn in the bath or shower) will reveal the copper or darker metal underneath, this can leave the item looking old. When you take off your jewellery at night wiping it with a soft clean cloth to remove chemicals and oils from your skin and putting it away in a box will help extend the life of your trinkets. If you treat them well and keep them dry they will last (potentially) forever. Some other items will wear with use, like the shell beads, that's because the coating is a special application (not by me) that will wear off over time and reveal the natural shell beneath, if you get chemicals like washing up liquid or perfume on these they can go sticky and the pattern will strip away (rather like nail varnish does). Please remember that Alicry Trinkets mostly sells "costume" jewellery. These are items made as ornamentation to complement a particular outfit, they are not designed for everyday wear. Nor are they designed or intended to last forever, though as I said they can last years and years with care and provide you with endless opportunities for wear. I do use genuine' semi precious beads as well as faux or glass beads, I will state which is which where I know. For example, Opalite, Fordite and Goldstone are both man-made but regarded by many as semi-precious stones. Opalite is not Moonstone nor Opal and it's easy to tell the difference once you know what you are looking for.