Pig Head Wax Melts, Bag of 8, Choice of fragrance.



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8 hand poured pig head blended soy wax melts coloured with mica and packaged in recyclable, compostable and biodegradable bags.

each melt is approximately 7g in weight giving an approximate pack weight of 56g (weights can vary slightly due to items being hand poured)

Available in the following fragrances.

1. Amber & Patchoulli
2. Black Cherry
3. Black Plum & Rhubarb
4. Black Pomegranate
5. Cassis & Fig
6. Coconut Island
7. Cuban Tobacco & Oak
8. Enchanted Forrest
9. Fairy Dust
10. Fireside
11. Fresh Linen
12. Gin & Tonic
13. Lemongrass & Ginger
14. Lime, Basil & Mandarin
15. Luscious Vanilla
16. Monkey Farts
17. Night Blooming Jasmine
18. Parisienne Spring
19. Parkin Pigs
20. Passion Fruit & Mango
21. Pear & Freesia
22. Rock Salt & Driftwood
23. Roses
24. Sandalwood & Black Pepper
25. Sparkling Lemon
26. Starry Night
27. Sweet Pea
28. Velvet Peony & oud
29. Wild Mint

Colour varies depending on scent selected.

We also have 2 melt sample packs as well as small and large diamond snap bars available.

All our products are hand made in small batches.

Thank you for supporting our small business.

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-Fabric, -Size, "18 Curb Chain, "Believe In Yourself", "Care For A Cuppa?", "Dictionary Meaning: FAMILY", "Dictionary Meaning: HOME", "Dictionary Meaning: LOVE", "Dictionary Meaning: SMILE, "Don't Be A (Cactus)", "Home Sweet Home", "Oh For (Fox) Sake", "Shoes Off, Feet Up, TV On", "Sunshine, You Are My Sunshine", "There's No Place Like Home", "Welcome In", "Who Gives A Hoot", (Not) 50 Shades Aqua Blue Dot, (Not) 50 Shades Blue Dot, (Not) 50 Shades Duck Egg Dot, (Not) 50 Shades Spot on Denim Blue, (Not) 50 Shades Spot on Navy, (Not) 50 Shades Tropical Sea Dot, #02 Leopard, £1.50, £10, £12, £13.50, £14, £15.00, £16, £18, £20, £20.00, £30, £4.03, £4.50, £4.95, £40, £5.03, £5.50, £6.03, £65, £7.50, £9.50, £9.99 each, 0-24 months, 0-3 months, 0-3 Months – Newborn, 01 – Silver, 01 Amber Noir, 01 Bog Butt, 01 Red half face, 02 – Gold, 02 Baltic Amber; Clove, 02 Cat Butt, 02 Pink half face, 03 – Orange, 03 Baby pink #halfface, 03 French Pear, 03 Heart-shaped with Wings, 04 – Red, 04 Amaranth #halfface, 04 Crystal Ball, 04 Fresh Mint; Rhubarb, 05 – Cerise Pink, 05 Havana, 06 – Blue, 06 Nyla, 07 – Purple, 07 Pampering Bliss, 08 Sandalwood; Vanilla; Apple; Cinnamon, 09 Tutti Frutti, 1, 1 – Polar Bear, 1 adult + 1 children, 1 bookmark, 1 greeting card, 1 only, 1 Robin, 1 x stick lady, 1 x stick lady & 1 x stick man, 1 x stick man, 1 Yard x 1.5 Yard ( 88 x 134cm), 1. Bees on Dark Blue, 1. Bees on Light Blue, 1. Grey Floral, 1/2 yard x 1.5 Yard (44 x 134cm), 1/3 Yard x 1.5 Yard ( 30 x 145cm), 1/4 Yard x 1.5 Yard (22 x 134 cm), 10, 10 – Bees E, 10 greeting cards, 10 inch 25x25cm, 10 UK, 10 x RSVP Cards & Envelopes, 10 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 10 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 10-12", 10. Cats on red, 10. Parrots, 10.5 UK, 10", 10" x 8", 10" x 8" Framed canvas print, 100 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 100 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 100cm dark oak, 100cm medium brown, 100cm sanded only, 100mm x 100mm, 100mm x 200mm, 100mm x 300mm, 100mm x 400mm, 10mm border, 11, 11 – Laybug A, 11 UK, 11. Dogs on red, 11"-12", 110 – black, 111 – blue, 112 – red, 113 – orange, 114 – yellow, 115 – silver, 12, 12 – Blue Ladybug, 12 inch 30x30cm, 12 UK, 12 x12" ( 30 x 30cm), 12-14", 12-15 months, 12-18 months, 12. Leaves, 12. Polar Bears, 12", 12" x 18" ( 30 x 45cm), 12" x 9", 125g, 12×12, 13, 13 – Pink Ladybug, 13 UK, 13. Dragonfly on gingham, 13"-14", 134 – green, 135 – pink, 14, 14 – Autumn Leaves A, 14 inch 35x35cm, 14 UK, 14-16", 14. Blue Gingham, 14", 14" x 11", 14cm, 15, 15 – Autumn Leaves B, 15 – Autumn Leaves C, 15 – Farm Life, 15 UK, 15 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 15 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 15-18 months, 15"-16", 150mm x 100mm Metal wall plaque, 150mm x 150mm, 150mm x 300mm, 150mm x 400mm, 15cm, 15×15", 16, 16 – Autumn Leaves C, 16 inch, 16 inch 40x40cm, 16 inch chain, 16-18", 16. Frogs on green gingham, 16", 16" x 12" Canvas, 16" x 12" Framed canvas print, 16” sterling silver chain, 16cm, 17, 17 – Pink flowers, 17. Princess, 17", 17"-18", 17cm, 18, 18 – Green Flowers, 18 inch, 18 inch 45x45cm, 18 inch chain, 18-20", 18-24 months, 18. Blue Hearts on White, 18. Plain Navy, 18", 18" standing, 18" x 12", 18"Snake Chain, 18cm, 18ct Gold Plated, 18×18, 19, 19 – Salmon Flowers, 19. London, 19. Waves, 19"-20", 19cm, 1st order 30 tags, 1st order 60 tags, 1y – 2y, 2, 2 – Dogs on red, 2 for £10, 2 for £6.95, 2 for £7.95, 2 for £8.00, 2 gift bags, 2 greeting card, 2 greeting cards, 2 legs, 2 Robins, 2 x stick ladies, 2 x stick men, 2-3 years, 2-4 glasses, 2. Bees on Light Blue, 2. Purple Floral, 20, 20 inch, 20 inch 50x50cm, 20 inch chain, 20 pack, 20 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 20 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 20- Frogs on Gingham, 20-22", 20. Vintage squares, 20. Waves, 20" x 16", 20" x 16" Canvas, 20”, 200mm x 140mm Fabric mouse mat, 200mm x 150mm Metal wall plaque, 20cm, 21, 21 – Flowers, 21. Leopard, 21"-22", 21cm, 22, 22 inch 56x56cm, 22-24", 22. Grey Feathers, 22cm, 23, 23. Pink Feathers, 24, 24. White and blue floral, 24" x 16", 24" x 16" Canvas, 24”, 24cm high x 15cm wide, 24×24, 25, 25 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 25 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 25. Strawberies, 250g, 26, 26. Pink Flowers, 27, 27. Green Flowers, 28. Strawberies, 280mm x 200mm Metal wall plaque, 29. Autumn Leaves A, 2mm, 2y – 3y, 3, 3 – Cats on red, 3 greeting cards, 3 pack(adult) flowers, 3 SMALL PUMPKIN, 3 UK, 3-4 years, 3-6 months, 3. Bees on White with yellow dots, 3. Lemon in Ivory, 3.5, 3.5 UK, 3" round, 3/4 Length, 30 x 40 cm (12" x 16") Canvas, 30 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 30 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 30. Autumn Leaves B, 31. Autumn Leaves C, 32. Salmon Lily, 33. Ivory textured, 34. Skulls on white, 35 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 35 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 35. Skulls on black, 35x25x17cm, 36. Skulls & Roses, 36" x 24", 36" x 24" Canvas, 37. Spiders on white, 3y – 4y, 4, 4 – Owls, 4 – Small, 4 for £12.99, 4 for £13.99, 4 for £14.99, 4 for £16, 4 for £20, 4 glass, 4 greeting cards, 4 UK, 4-5 years, 4. Bees on yellow, 4. Rainbow, 4.24, 4.5, 4.5 UK, 40 pack, 40 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 40 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 400mm x 300mm Metal wall plaque, 40cm dark oak, 40cm high x 27cm wide, 40cm medium brown, 40cm sanded only, 43 – Skulls on white, 45 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 45 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 4ply, 4y – 5y, 5, 5 – Dragonfly on blue gingham, 5 glass, 5 greeting cards, 5 inches, 5 UK, 5-6 years, 5. Bees on White, 5. Mini Grey Flowers, 5.23, 5.5 UK, 5.5mm, 5.67, 50 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 50 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 500g, 50cm dark oak, 50cm medium brown, 50cm sanded only, 55 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 55 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 5mm, 5y – 6y, 6, 6 – Bees A, 6 glass, 6 greeting cards, 6 UK, 6-12 months, 6-9 months, 6. Dinosaurs, 6. Pink Ladybug, 6.5 UK, 6.54, 6.5mm, 60 pack, 60 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 60 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 60cm dark oak, 60cm medium brown, 60cm sanded only, 60mm x 100mm, 60mm x 200mm, 60mm x 60mm, 65 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 65 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 6mm, 6y – 7y, 7, 7 – Bees B, 7 greeting cards, 7 UK, 7-8 years, 7. Blue Ladybug, 7. Purple Rainbow, 7.5 UK, 7.5mm, 7"-8", 70 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 70 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 70cm dark oak, 70cm medium brown, 70cm sanded only, 75 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 75 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 75mm x 130mm, 75mm x 75mm, 7mm, 7y – 8y, 8, 8 – Bees C, 8 greeting cards, 8 UK, 8-10", 8. Red & Yello Ladybug, 8. Tulips, 8.5 UK, 8", 8" x 6" – £4.99, 80 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 80 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 80cm dark oak, 80cm medium brown, 80cm sanded only, 85 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 85 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 8mm, 8y – 9y, 9, 9 – Bees D, 9 – Owls, 9 greeting cards, 9 UK, 9-10 years, 9-12 months, 9. Plants, 9.5 UK, 9"-10", 90 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 90 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 90cm dark oak, 90cm medium brown, 90cm sanded only, 90mm x 70mm Metal fridge magnet, 925 Silver, 95 x RSVP Cards with Envelopes, 95 x Single Sided Wedding Invitation Set With Additional Details Card, 950mm, 99. Random, 9y – 10y, A, A2 Framed print, A2 Poster, A2unmounted42x59.4 Centimeters, A3, A3 – £35, A3 – 29.7cm x 42cm, A3 – 29.7cm x 42cm – £24, A3 £45, A3 Framed print, A3 Poster, A3 Print, A3mounted40x50 Centimeters, A3unmounted29.7×42 Centimeters, A4, A4 – 21cm x 29.7cm, A4 – 21cm x 29.7cm – £14, A4 (8.3 x 11.7), A4 Framed print, A4 Print £20, A4mounted30x40 Centimeters, A4unmounted21x29.7 Centimeters, A5, A5 – 21cm x 14.8cm, A5 Framed print, A5 Print £15, A6 – 14.8cm x 10.5cm, Abbie, Abu Dhabi, accessories, Acrylic fridge magent, Acrylic Key ring, Acrylic key ring and bottle opener, Add both co-ordinating hair bow elastic and child head band + £5, Add co-ordinating child head band + £3.75, Add co-ordinating hair bow elastic + £1.50, Add name, Add name & age, Add name, age & accessories, Add no hair accessories, Adeline, Adrian, Adult, Adult (size 6+ UK) £135, Adult large, Adult Medium, Adult sizes (6+) UK £, Adult sizes S, M, L: £20, Adult sizes XL – 3XL: £25, Adult sizes XL+, Adult Small, Age 1-2, Age 2-3, Age 2-5, Age 3-4, age 3-6, Age 5-13, age 7-12, Alan, Albert, Alfred, Alicia, Alouishis, Amazonite, Amber, Amber & Patchouli, Amber Noir, Amelia, american weaving, Amethyst, Andante (mat), Andante (shiny), Angler – £7, Annie, Anniversary card, Another colour – please specify in notes box at checkout, Antique brass legs, antique copper chain, Antique Dreams, Antique Pine, Any other colour please specify when checking out, Apple belts, Apricot Burst, April/ Diamond/ Clear, April/ Diamond/CZ/ Innocence, aqua, Arabian Court, As above + painted, As above + paintwork, AstroMech BB8, At the bar/liqueur, Attachment, August/ Peridot/ Light green, August/ Peridot/ Protection, Augustus, Australia, Austria, Aventurine – Green, Awesome Bee-ing, Azerbaijan, B, Baby Bath Tea, Baby Blue, Baby Blue + White, Baby Boy, Baby Boy – Blue, Baby Girl, Baby Girl – Pink, Baby Lilac, baby pink mix, Baby Yoda, Background Colour, Backing Plate – Gloss White, Backing Plate – Mirorred, Backing Plate – Mirrored Gold, bag: none, Bahrain, Bakery, Ballet Pink, Baltic Amber; clove, Banana Cream, Bananas, Bandana, bandana and bow tie, bandana and lead, Bar, Barbara, Basic Unit, Basil, Bat, Bats and Spiders Bar, beaded, bear, Bee with reindeer & honeycomb with holly, Beer bottles, Beer Tankard, Bees, Belgium, Bello (slim), Berry Burst, Best Wishes, Bing & Flopsy, Bing & Flopsy Figures, Bing Bunny, Bing Figure, Bing Set with name,age & accessories, Birthday, Black, Black Air Plant Pot, Black and Gold, Black and White, black bckground, pink snake, black bckground, red snake, Black Candy Skull, Black Cat Planter, Black Cats and cauldrons on orange, Black Cherry, Black CZ, Black defuser, black floral design, Black Frame, Black Frame with Mount, Black on White, Black Plum & Rhubarb, Black Pomegranate, black pumpkin, Black Stripes, Black Text, Black Vinyl Monogram, Black Writing, Black/Black, black/grey mix, Black/Silver, Blank, Blonde Bubbles, blue, Blue & White Petals, blue bckground, pink snake, blue bear, Blue Berries, BLUE butterflys, Blue buttons, Blue Camo Accent, Blue Cottage, Blue Dotty, Blue elephant, Blue flowers, Blue gecko, blue heart, Blue Herringbone, Blue Lagoon, blue marble, Blue Memory Wire Bracelet 'This Side Next', blue mix, Blue raspberry twisters, Blue refreshers, blue ribbon, Blue Stretch Elastic Bracelet 'Baby', Blue Stripes, Blue Tapaz, Blue Tartan Black Fleece, Blue tartan navy, Blue tartan navy fleece, Blue tartan red fleece, Blue Xmas Snowflake, Blue/Baby Blue, Blue/black construction, blue/grey mix, Blue/white buttons, BlueBerry, Blueberry Muffin, Blues, blush, blush mix, Blush Pink, blush-pink, Bob, Bond (slim), Bond Touch (slim), Book Colour, book with 18" sterling silver flat cable chain, book with suede pink necklace, Bookmark, Border, Border/lettering – Black, Border/lettering – Grey, Border/lettering – Mirrored, Border/lettering – Mirrored gold, Border/lettering – Red, Border/lettering – White, Border/lettering – Yellow, Both Batch 4×4=8, bow tie, bow tie and Flower, bow tie and lead, bowtie, boyfriend gifts, bracelet, Braided ends, Brains, brass buckle, Brass Buckle – Black, Brass Buckle – Cocoa, Brass Buckle – Hazel, Brass Buckle – London, Brass Rivets and Clip, Brazil, Bride, Bride & Groom, Bride and Groom, bridesmaid, Bright Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Pink, Bronze, Brown, Brown and Gold, Brown with mixed Spring flowers, Brush Stroke, BU – Metallic Black, BU – Metallic Blue (Dark), BU – Metallic Blue (Light), BU – Metallic Brown, BU – Metallic Copper, BU – Metallic Gold, BU – Metallic Green, BU – Metallic Green (Lime), BU – Metallic Grey (Steel), BU – Metallic Pearl (White), BU – Metallic Pink, BU – Metallic Purple, BU – Metallic Red, BU – Metallic Scarlet Red, BU – Metallic Silver, BU – Metallic Turquoise, BU – Metallic Yellow, BU – Yellow, Bubblegum, Bubblegum bon bons, Bubblegum mushrooms, Bubblegum Pink, Bulbasaur, bunny fabric, Burner Only, Burnt Sienna, Buttercup Yellow, Butterflies, Butterfly, C, Calypso, Camille, Camo Blue, Campfire, Canadian Cedar, Cananda, candle, Candy Blue, Candy necklaces, Candy Pink, Candy shop, Candyfloss Pink, Cappuccino, Capri Length, Caravan, Card, Card colour, Caribbean Blue, Carnelian, Cars, Cassis & Fig, Cat, Cat in a cup, Ceiling/Pendant Fitting, Ceramic 10oz mug, cerise cord, Champagne CZ, Champagne White, character toys, Charm, Charmander, cheese plant, Cherry, Cherry cola bottles, Chickens, Child, China, Chocolate Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Orange, christmas Bauble, christmas gifts, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Tree, Christmas/ winter, Christmas/winter, Chrome, Chrome Buckle, Chrome Trigger Clasp, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Stone, Cinnamon & Apple, Circular, Citrine, Citronella, Citrus Grove, claret, Clean Cotton, Clear CZ, CLEAR/ April, Clip On, clothing size, clothing sizes, Clotted cream, Clover, cocoa, Coconut Island, Coffee Bean Colour, cognac, Collar, collar 30-46, collar 30-49, collar 32-52, collar 36-58, collar navy, collar royal blue, collars 28-43, Colour, Colour – A, Colour – B, Colour – C, Colour – D, Colour – E, Colour – G, Colour – H, Colour – K, Colour – Natural Brown, Colour – please specify in notes at checkout, Colour – White, Colour black, Colour blue, Colour green, Colour grey, Colour light blue, colour of gemstone, Colour orange, Colour pink, Colour purple, Colour red, Colour yellow, Colours, Compact mirror, Compass, Complete with fittings, complex, copper, Cornflower, Cornish Pixies, Cosmo, Cosmo (dark pink), Cosmo (pink), Cosmo (purple), Cosmo (violet), Cosmo slim, Cottage Colour, couples wish bracelets, Cow Print, Cranberry, Cream, Cream Accent, Cream Floral, Cream tea for 1, Cream tea for 2, creed, creepy crawly spiders, Cricket – £5, Cricket – £7, Crystal, crystal jewellery, Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Touch, Crystal Type, Cuban Tobacco & Oak, Cubic Zirconia colour, Cushion Cover, Cushion Cover (cushion included), Custom Colour Vinyl Monogram, Custom trainers, customise, customise colours, Cwtch Car, CZ, D, Dachshund, Dad, Daddy and me, Daffodil Yellow, Dan, Dark Blue, Dark Blue Accent, Dark Grey, Dark Pink Flowers Top and Bottom, Dark Teal, Daryl Teal, Dead Red, Death Star, December/ Turquoise/ Luck, December/ Turquoise/ Teal, Deep Mahogany, Denim, Denim Blue, Denim Blue Accent, Design, design leggings, design print, Dicky bow, digital print, Dinosaur, Dinosaurs black, Ditsy, DK, dobby's Socks, Dogs, Dolphin Blue, Dolphins, Double, Double sided, double thickness, Dove, Dragon, Dragon Head, dragon scales, Drawstring makeup pouch, Dress length, Dry Shampoo – Dark Hair, Dry Shampoo – Light Hair, Duck, Duck egg blue, Dumbledore's Favourite, Duo prints of both Enya and Fee, Dust Pink, Dusty Lilac, E, ear patch, Earths, EIGHTY, Electrics + Paintwork, elegant on hand, Elephant, elephant polka dot, embroidered flower, Enchanted Forrest, English Pear & Freesia, Espresso martini, eucalyptus-green, EverGreen, everyday, extra large, Extra long/dress length, Extra Small, Extra split ring (25mm), F, Fabric, face covering, Fairy, Fairy Dust, Family members, feast, February/ Amethyst/ Peace, February/ Amethyst/ Purple, Female large, Female medium, Female small, Female Xlarge, Female2Xlarge, Ferii soft, FIFTY, Figures Only, Fireside, Fishing, Fit (slim), Fitting, Fizzy bananas, Fizzy snakes, Fizzy thangs, Fizzy tongues, Flame Design, Flamingo, flamingo design, flamingo print, Flat Base, flavour, Floral, Florals, flower, Flower Shape, Flowers, Football – £7, Football Fun, Footballs on Grass, For Someone Special, Forest Fern, Forest Green, Forest Walk, FORTY, four blocks, Fox, Fragrance, Framed (Black), Framed Black, Framed Grey, framed(black)12×17 Centimeters, framed(black)17×22 Centimeters, framed(black)30×40 Centimeters, framed(black)40×50 Centimeters, framed(white)12×17 Centimeters, framed(white)17×22 Centimeters, framed(white)30×40 Centimeters, framed(white)40×50 Centimeters, France, Frankincense, Freddie, Free Your African Spirit, French Blue, French Lavender, Fresh laundry, Fresh Linen, Friends Wish Bracelets, Friendship, Friendship rings, Front Paper Black, Front Paper Blue, Front Paper Brown, Front Paper Green, Front Paper Grey, Front Paper Light blue, Front Paper Orange, Front Paper Pink, Front Paper Purple, Front Paper Red, Front Paper Transparent, Front Paper White, Front Paper Yellow, Fruity, Fruity frogs, Fuchsia Fizz, Full Length, Fuschia Pink, G, Galactic Empire, galaxy, Garnet, gemstone jewellery, Genius, Georgian Medium Oak, German Shepherd/Alsatian, German Shephert/Alsatian, ghost, Giant, Giant bubblegum bottles, Giant cherries, Giant cola bottles, Giant dummies, Giant fizzy cola bottles, gift, Gift Set, gift wrap +£1, gifts for girlfriend, gifts for neighbours, Gin, Gin & Tonic, Gincident, Gingerbread Man, Giraffe, glass, glass beaded, glitter, glitter poppy, Glossy, Glossy Finish, Glow worms, Gold, Gold Defuser, Gold Leaf, Gold Lustre (+£5), Gold Plated base metal, gold ribbon, Gold Rods, Gold Tone Coffee Bean, Goldstone – Green, Golf – £7, Goma, Gouda Luck, Grafeetie Denim, Grandad, grandmother, graphite, Gray, Great Britain, green, Green Bee, Green Cottage, Green Dotty, Green Halloween, Green Quartz, green ribbon, Green Vikings, Greens, Greeting Card, Greige, grey, Grey Air Plant Pot, Grey Airplant pot, Grey box, Grey Cat Planter, grey cord, Grey dog, Grey flowers, Grey Mocha, Grey Pink, Grey Stripes, gritty pink mix, gritty white mix, Groom, gym wear, H, hair length, hair texture, hair thickness, Halloween/ Autumn, hand made, Hand sanitiser, Hanger, hanging heart set, Happily Ever After, Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day, Happy Sloths, Hard Base, hazel, Heart, heart buttons, Heart Shape, Heart throbs, Heather Grey, Heavenly Sunset, Heavy, Heavy design, Hedgehog, Height: 21cm x Width: 25cm, Height: 22cm x Width: 30cm, Herbie, Hex Spacer 3 Pack Black, Hex Spacer 3 Pack Grey, Hex Spacer 3 Pack Light Grey, Hex Spacer 3 Pack White, Hey Sweet Cheeks, Hippo, Holly, Holly with bee, Holly with honeycomb, Honey, Horses Silk, Hot pink, Howlite, Hungary, I, I don’t want a bowtie, Iggo, inches, Incl Feather Pad, Include hand gel and tissues, Include pens and note pad, Indigo Sky, individual, infinity wish bracelets, Initial, Inner Diameter 4mm, Intense Espresso, Iolite, Iridescent Pink Silk, Italy, Ivory ILM, Ivory Silk Card, J, Jacob's Sweetheart, Jacobean Oak, Janet, January/ Rose Quartz/ Love, January/ Rose Quartz/ Pink, Japan, Jasper – Red, Jasper – Spiderweb/Netstone, Je T'aime Pour Toujours", Jingle Bells, July/ Ruby/ Nobility, July/ Ruby/ Red, Jumper length, June/ Moonstone/ Lavender, June/ Moonstone/ Purity, K, khaki, kids gift, Kids sizes Toddler – Youth XL (11-12) : £15, King Size, Kingfisher Blue, Kiwi Crush, knights and dragons, knit dolls, knitted heart set, knitted Rose hearts, knitted toys, Kobi, Kobi soft, L, Labrador, ladies/teens, Landscape, Lapis Lazuli, large, Large bowtie, LARGE PUMPKIN, large with metal buckle, Lavender, Lavender spa, lead, lead and flower, Lead, bow tie and bandana, lead, bow tie and flower, leash 106, leash 110, leash 132, leash 148, leash 152, leash 162, leash navy, Leather Cord, Lemon, Lemon & poppyseed, Lemon animal print, Lemon buttons, Lemon drizzle, Lemon mouse, Lemon Sherbet, lemon/sage mix, Lemon/white buttons, Lemon/yellow buttons, Lemongrass & Ginger, Length 17”, Length 19”, Length 21”, Length 23”, Length 25”, Length 27”, Leopard, Leopard Print Black, Leopard Print Brown, LGE – £9.50, Liberty Silk, Light Blue, Light Blue & Silver Stripes, light blue polka dot design, Light Blue Stripes, Light Green & Black Stripes, Light Green Stripes, light grey, Light Grey Air Plant Pot, Light Grey Cat Planter, Light Grey Planter, Light Pink, Light Pink Flowers – Head Only, Light Teal, light-grey, Lighting + Electrical Fittings, Lighting + Fittings + Paintwork, Lights and Sockets, Lilac, Lilac Flowers, lilac mix, Lime basil and mandarin, Lime Green, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Link Inner Diameter – 0.5mm, Link Inner Diameter – 0.6mm, Link Inner Diameter – 0.7mm, Link Inner Diameter – 0.8mm, Link Inner Diameter – 0.9mm, Link Inner Diameter – 1.6mm, Link Inner Diameter – 2.5mm, Link Inner Diameter – 2mm, Link Inner Diameter – 3.5mm, Link Inner Diameter – 3mm, Link Inner Diameter – 4.5mm, Link Inner Diameter – 4mm, Lion, Lipsticks, Liquorice, Little witchy pumpkin black, little witchy pumpkin milkweed, london, long sleeve, Loose ends, Lotus Blossom, Love, Love Birds, Lovely Lilac, LRGE A3 – £25, Luscious Vanilla, Lustre, M, M – £9, M_Black, magnet, Magnolia, makeup bag with straps, Mandarin & Cranberry, Maple, Marble, marble grey/blue mix, marble pink/grey mix, March/ Aquamarine/ Health, March/ Aquamarine/ Light blue, Marine life, Marl Grey, matt black buckle, Matte Finish, Matte white, Mauve small heart design, May/ Emerald/ Fertility, May/ Emerald/ Green, MED A4 – £13, medium, Medium bowtie, Medium Silver/Grey Ring, medium with metal buckle, men, mens, Merlot ILM, Mermaid Scales, Metallic Black, Mexico, Mice, Midnight Blue, Milk bottles, Minecraft, Mini, Mini eggs, Mini teeth, Mink, Mint, Mint Green, mint mix, Mirror, Mirrored Gold, Mistty Grey, Misty Grey, misty-blue, mix colours, Mixed flowers, Mixed Shapes, Mocha, Model 01 – split ring, Monkey Farts, Monkeys Dinner, Monochromes, Mooi, Mooi Touch, Moons, Mulitple, mum, Mummy and me, Murder Weapons, Mushrooms, mustard, Mustard Custard, Myrtle's bathroom, N, Nail shape, Nail Size, name, Names, Natural, Natural Brown – Pack of 4, Natural Tan, Natural Tan and Gold, Navy Blue, Navy Blue Accent, navy dragonflies, necklace, Neoprene Scuba, Netherlands, neutral, Newborn, Newborn – 18months, newborn Dragon, Nickle Plated Buckle – Black, Nickle Plated Buckle – Cocoa, Nickle Plated Buckle – Hazel, Nickle Plated Buckle – London, Night Blooming Jasmin, Nike, NINETY, No boarder, No border, No Hex Spacers, No of Glasses, no sentiment, No Stone, No Text, Noa, Noise bridge, Non Personalised, Non-Personalised, None, notebook, Nothing extra, November/ Topaz/ Blue, November/ Topaz/ Strength, Nutcracker, O, Oak, Obsidian – Mahogany, occasion, Ocean Drift, October/ Opal/ Hope, October/ Opal/ Rose, Olive, One, one block, ONE SET OF 3 LARGE PUMPKINS, One size, One size plus, Option, option 2, Option A, Option B, orange, Orange + White, orange bckground, yellow snake, Orange Blossom, ORANGE butterflys, orange floral design, Orange flowers, Orange Ghosts, Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkins, ORange Writing, organic dolls, organza bag, Other – please contact, Other colour – please specify in notes box at checkout, Owl, Own message, oxblood, P, Pack of 1, Pack of 3, PACK OF 4 – PLEASE STAGE AGES REQUIRED IN NOTES BOX AT CHECKOUT, Pack of 5, Pack of 7, Padded Base, Painted, Pale Lilac, pale rose, Paper White, Parisienne Spring, Parkin Pigs, Parma Violet, Parma Violets, Parsley, Passion Fruit & Mango, pattern 1, pattern 10, pattern 2, pattern 3, pattern 4, pattern 5, pattern 6, pattern 7, pattern 8, pattern 9, Paul Smith Black, peach, Peach Orange, Peacock Green, Pear & Freesia, Pear & Fresia, Pear Drop, Pear Drops, Pearls – Black, Pearls – White, Pearly pink mix, Pebble Grey, Pendant + Chain, Pendant only, Percy, Perfume Bottle, Perfume dupe, Peridiot, Peridot, Personalisation, Personalised, Personalised brass plaque (100mm x 20mm), Personalised Item, Petal Pink, Petrol Blue, Photo added – No, Photo added – yes, Pigglet, Pikachu, Pillar Red, Pin Length – 30mm, Pin Length – 40mm, Pin Length – 50mm, Pin Length – 60mm, Pineapple & Mango, pink, PINK – pink bckground & blue snake, Pink & White, Pink & White Petals, Pink + Orange, Pink + White, pink bckground, blue snake, PINK butterflys, Pink buttons, Pink CZ, Pink defuser, Pink flowers, Pink Flowers/Glitter, Pink Gold Leaf Unicorn, pink heart, Pink Hearts, Pink Memory Wire Bracelet 'This Side Next', Pink Punch, pink rabbit, Pink refreshers, pink ribbon, Pink Stretch Elastic Bracelet 'Baby', Pink Writing, Pink/Green, Pink/white buttons, Pinks, Pinky Purple, Pint Glass, Pistachio Green, Placemats, plain, plain embellishment, plain poppy, Platinum Lustre (+£5), Polly, Ponytail, poppers, Porcelain, Portrait, Pouring Wine Bottle, Premium glossy white, PRICE, Primary Plate Colour – Black, Primary Plate Colour – Blue, Primary Plate Colour – Bronze, Primary Plate Colour – Gold, Primary Plate Colour – Green, Primary Plate Colour – Orange, Primary Plate Colour – Pink, Primary Plate Colour – Purple, Primary Plate Colour – Red, Primary Plate Colour – Rose Quartz, Primary Plate Colour – Silver, Primary Plate Colour – White, print design, Print size, Product, Psycho rats, Puffin Muffin, Puffins, Pumpkin Pie, purple, Purple & Silver, Purple and Silver, purple bckground, green snake, purple bckground, pink snake, PURPLE butterflys, Purple flowers, Purple Flowers/Glitter, Purple Tortoise, Purple/Green Psychedelic, pushup leggings, pygmypuff Fluff, Q, Quantity, Quartz – Cloudy, Quartz – Rose, Quartz – Smoky, Quote, Quote/Design, R, Rain Forest, Rainbow, Rainbow on Black, Rainbow on White, Rainbow Pastels, Rapid, rasta Leaf, Rebel Alliance, Rectangle, Red, red and white stripe, Red Batik, Red Cottage, Red CZ, Red Gingham, red ribbon, Red tartan black fleece, Red tartan navy fleeve, Red tartan red fleece, Red Writing, Red Xmas Stars, Red/Cream, Red/Green Stags, Refill, Regular, Reindeer, reindeer embellishment, reindeer with bee, reindeer with honeycomb, Reorder 30 tags, Reorder 60 tags, Retriever, retro cassette tape, Return of Jedi, Rhino, Rhubarb and custard, Rich Velvet, right side blue stars/red stripe, right side red stripe / white stars, Ring Size – UK A, Robin, Rock Salt & Driftwood, Ropes Silk, Rose, Rose Gold, Rose Gold Buckle, Rose Gold Leaf, Rose Gold Trigger Clasp, Rosewood, Rosie, Royal Blue Accent, Royal Blue ILM, Rubber, Ruby w/Zoisite, Rugby – £7, Russia, S, S £8.75, S’, safari, safari fabric, Safari Queen, Sage, Sage Green, sage/blue mix, sage/grey mix, sage/pink mix, Salmon, Samba, Sample Melt Pack, Sandalwood & Black Pepper, Sann, Savage, Scent, Schnauzer, Scottie, Sea Green, Seahorse, Seashells, Sebastian, seed beaded, sentiment 1, sentiment 2, sentiment 3, sentiment 4, sentiment 5, sentiment 6, September/ Lapis Lazuli/ Navy, September/ lapis lazuli/ Wisdom, serenity mix, Set, set of 10, set of 2, Set of 20, Set of 3, SET OF 3 LARGE PUMPKINS, SET OF 3 SMALL PUMPKIN, Set of 30, Set of 30 – (10Milk, 10White & 10Dark), Set of 4, Set of 4 (random selection), set of 4's, Set of 5, SEVENTY, Shades of blue, Shades of green, Shades of orange/yellow, Shades of pink, Shades of purple, short sleeve, Siler Metallic, Silver, Silver bell, silver buckle, Silver Defusers, Silver Hoop, Silver Leaf, Silver Metallic, silver ribbon, Silver Rivets and Clip, Silver Rods, Silver Stripes, Silver Text, Silver Tone Coffee Bean, Silver Tone Ear Hook, Silver Tone Ear Hooks, Silver/Grey Air plant Pot, Simple design, Singapore, singl, Single, Sirius, SIXTY, Size, Size 4, SIZE 5.5 US, SIZE 5US, SIZE 6US, SIZE 7.5US, SIZE 7US, Size 8, SIZE 8US, Size Large, Size Medium, Size Small, Sizing, Skeleton Bar, Skeleton Hand Bar, Skeletons, Skull bow tie, Skulls, skulls and crossbones, Sky Blue, Slate Grey, Sloth & Monkey, Sloth and Monkey, small, Small bowtie, Small Heart, small with metal buckle, Smaller frame, SML A5 – £7, SML A5 – £7.99, Smooth Slate, Snails, Snowflake, Soccer – £5, Sodalite, Sofi, Soft Base, Soft Grey, soft material, soft mint, soft pink, soft toys, Soft White, Soft Yellow, Solid Red, Something Fishy, Sonic, Sour dummies, Spain, Sparkling Lemon, Sparkly, Spectra Yellow, Spherical, Spider, Spider and Bats, Spruce Car, Square, Square pouch, squat proof, Squirrel, Squirtle, Stainless Steel Ear Hook, Standard jumper length, Star, Star (mat), Star (purple), Star (shiny), Star (violet), Starry Night, Sterling Silver Ear Hook, Sterling Silver Ear Hooks, stocking fillers, Stocking Stuffers, Stormy Grey, straight, Strawberry, Strawberry puffs, Strawberry twist kisses, Stud, Style, Style 1, style 2, style 3, style one, suat proof, sugar skulls, Sun, Sunflower Yellow, sunset Dino's, Sweet Pea, Swirly fish, Sylvia, T, Table Lamp, Table/Floor Lamp Fitting, tan, Tanzanite, tartan scrunchie, Teach/Inspire/Grow, Teal, teddy bear, Teethntoothbrushes, Tennis – £5, Tennis – £7, Tent, Terracotta, Text, Text (Please Specify in Notes), Thai lime & mango, Thai lime and mango, Thank You, Thankyou, the Black Lake, THIRTY, Thread colour, three blocks, Tigers Eye, Tiko (slim), TINY £6, Tipi, Topaz, Trainers, Tramline Denim, Trendy, Trevor, turquoise, Turtles, Tweed, twine, twine: 01 – white, twine: 02 – light pink, twine: 03 – yellow, twine: 04 – pink, twine: 05 – orange, twine: 06 – red, twine: 07 – turquoise, twine: 08 – blue, twine: 09 – purple, twine: 10 – violet, twine: 11 – green, twine: 12 – mint, twine: 13 – grey, twine: 14 – natural, twine: 15 – brown, twine: 16 – black, two blocks, two colours, U, Uinsex large, UK 10 – M, UK 12 – L, UK 14 – XL, UK 2XL, UK 3, UK 3.5, UK 3XL, UK 4, UK 4.5, UK 5, UK 5.5, UK 6, UK 6 – XS, UK 6.5, UK 7, UK 7.5, UK 8, UK 8 – S, UK 9, UK L, UK M, UK S, UK XL, Ultra Marine, unbeaded, Unframed, Unframed (Mount), Unicorn, Unisex 2Xlarge, Unisex medium, Unisex small, Unisex Xlarge, United States, unum Galleon, up to 12 months, up to 2 years, up to 5 years, up to 6 months, Urban Fox, V, Value(s), Vanilla, Vanilla Cream, Variation, velcro, Velvet, velvet bag, Velvet Peony & Oud, Velvet Rose & Oud, Veno, Verbena, Vic, Victor Orange, Vietnam, Vimto bars, Ving, Vintage Bookstore, Vintage Tobacco Flower car, vinyl, Violet, Violet CZ, Vlet Peony & Oud, Vodoo Doll Bar, Voodoo Dolls, W, Walnut, Warm Lavender, Warm Oak, washable, Washed Teal, Water bottle, Watercolour Rabbit, Watermelons, wavy, Weapons Bar, weasley's Wet Weather, web design, wedding, Whales, Wheat, Wherewolf, White, White – Pack of 4, White Air Plant Pot, white bckground, pink snake, white box, WHITE butterflys, White Cat Planter, White Envelope, white floral and fruit design, White Frame, white fruit and floral design, White Gold, white lamb, white lavender, White Planter, White Silk Card, White Sloth, White Stripes, White Text, White Vinyl Monogram, white with purple floral design, White Writing, White Xmas Stags, White/Matt Gold, White/Matt Silver, White/White, White/Yellow, Wild and Free, Wild Bluebell car, Wild Mint, Willow Tree, wine coaster, Wine Glass, Wine Glass & Bottle, winnie blue, Winnie yellow, wirewrapped jewellery, witch, with #n52 squad, With alcohol, With Chain, With fairy string lights, With Lead: No, With Lead: Yes, With LEDS, With LEDS & PHOTO, With Love, With no pocket, with out chain, WITH PERSONAL IMAGE, With Personal Photo, With Pilot Holes and Screws, With pocket for 1p* please note that the pocket is not suitable for children under 3, With Screws, With sweets, without #n52 squad, Without alcohol, Without blood, Without LEDS, Without Personalised Bag, Without Personalised Bag £4.95, Without Pilot Holes and Screws, Without sweets, Wolf, Wolf Howling, women, Women’s, wood, Wood !, Wood 1, wooden heart buttons, writing, X, Xeno, XL, XL Plain, XL Ponytail, XS, XS £7.50, XXL, Y, yellow, Yellow & White, Yellow + Orange, Yellow + White, yellow bees, YELLOW butterflys, Yellow elephant, yellow heart, yellow hearts, Yellow Writing, yoga, yoga leggings, You're Quacking, Z, Zebra, Zebra Print, Zombies

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