Scar Treatment Balm


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This balm has been created to specifically target and reduce scar tissue.
It is best used soon after the scar is in it’s initial healing stage.
However it can aid in healing old scar tissue that has a raised bump (Keloid).
Can also be used for acne…ie, pimples or cystic hormonal acne.
Ingredients:Organic Cocos Nucifera,Organic Cannabis Sativs (hemp) Seed oil,Olea Europeans,Beeswax (anti bacterial),Tocopherol,Organic Bee Propolis (healing power),(Tamanu) Calophyllum Inophyllumoil (repairing),Helichrysum Italicum (intensive skin rejuvenator),Lavandula Angustifolia (anti inflammatory),Boswellia Thurifera oil (restorative),Organic Turmeric (anti bacterial/brightening).
Please note due to the waxes and oils used, the balm may melt in warm conditions. If this occurs just place into the fridge to solidify.
This does not affect the performance of the balm.
VEGAN option is available without the use of beeswax or bee propolis. Instead PLANT waxes will be used and bee propolis will be omitted.

50ml jar ♻️

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