SACRED SOURCE. For invoking deep calmness & grounding herbal bath bomb.


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Vegan. Natural. Plant magick. ✨

I love creating these beautiful, botanical bath bombs for your bath rituals.
Each tub of magic infused water from my herbal bombs is a healing, sensual, mind, body & spirit nourish.

Take a moment to honour yourself with one of my natural, vegan, self-care bathing treats. Each will leave your skin feeling super loved & silky.

Immersing yourself in to your own herbal, bath potion, is one of the oldest & simplest ways to relax, cleanse away stress & negative energies.

Use in your own bath ritual for a complete mind & body soothing, cleansing, detoxification & connection to Mumma Nature.

The body can absorb herbal blends through the skin by way of bathing. Each of my bath bombs are packed with one of my homemade magick blend of herbs, organic coconut oil, my hand blended maceration infused organic Epsom salts & more.

I use the highest quality essential oils, minerals, carrier oils, plant allies & all natural colourants, (sourced for purity, quality & ethics) so your bathing experience is as kind, healing & powerful as it can be.
With no nasty preservatives or synthetic colourings. Just an all natural, plant magick, self care experience.

Each is lovingly created with an abundance of home grown, hand foraged & ethically sourced herbs (from my local counties Gloucestershire & Herefordshire).

My selection of herbal bath bombs are made fresh with each order, infused with a lot of care intention & a sprinkle of magic from my heart to yours.

It is a passion of mine to share vegan, kind, quality, self-care products that aren’t full of unnatural additives & bulking agents. Sadly so many finds on the market are saturated with synthetics & toxins that negatively interact with our wellbeing, hormones & are harmful to us on many levels.
Clo’s roots & rituals say no to nasties & combines all natural ingredients with the magick of Mother Nature.

Which will you choose for your own bath potion?

Naturally coloured with beetroot & rose.
For invoking self love & relaxation – rose, lemon, calendula, lavender, beetroot & more.

Naturally coloured with turmeric.
For invoking deep calming & grounding – patchouli, hibiscus, chamomile, rosemary & more.

Naturally coloured with spirulina.
Rejuvenating & cleansing – frankincense, chamomile, seaweed, pomegranate & more.

Sacred source bath bomb –
Lovingly made with; Organic epsom salts, organic bicarbonate of soda, organic citric acid, organic coconut oil, organic turmeric, organic cornflour, patchouli, rosemary, chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, cornflower petals, rose petals, calendula petals, lavender, bay leaf, pure lavender essential oil, pure patchouli essential oil.

Enjoy the ritual. x

*I recommend using a plug hole, herb capture after each bath ritual. These are available to purchase from my shop. Please take care in the tub after your bath, as the oils and herbs used within can make surfaces more slippery. Always clean bath thoroughly after use to remove any residue.
Store herbal bath bombs in a dry area away from direct sunlight.

**Please do not use Clo’s roots and rituals herbal bath bombs if you have any herbal or nut allergies.
Please do not work with Clo’s roots and rituals herbal products if you have any herbal or nut allergies.
Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal products, particularly if you have a known medical condition, are undergoing treatment, taking any medication, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Please note that it is possible to be sensitive to any ingredient be it natural or synthetic, therefore a small section of skin-24 hour skin patch test with each herbal product is recommended before regular use of any natural balm/oil/cosmetic on the skin.
Clo’s roots & rituals is not liable for any possible adverse reaction/side effects of any herbal products.
The customer must accept ownership & responsibility for their own health.
Thank you.


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  1. Mary Hidle

    Beautifully packaged & gorgeous bath bomb. So calming & relaxing. Will be reordering.

  2. Philomena Kavanagh

    So pretty and functional

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  4. Philomena Kavanagh

    Was gorgeous

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