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Clo’s roots & rituals
‘Sacred goddess herbal bath bombs’ infused with rose, hibiscus, clary sage, geranium, orange & butterfly pea flowers.
I know right! 😍🛁

These beautiful bath ritual treats are weaved full of so much herbal magick & wild kin healing benefits. They leave you feeling & smelling divine!

These botanical beauties welcome you into a state of deep relaxation, call you back into your body, honour your inner divine feminine & invoke the sacred goddess that you are.
They also turn your bath water into an all natural blue bath potion! 🛁

Handmade with vegan & kind care in mind. Nourishing for your spirit & body. Super moisturising on the beautiful skin your in & won’t leave your yoni & delicate tissues feeling irritated, like many synthetic & fragrance packed bath bombs on the market often do. 🌹

The plant magick within..

Rose –
The beautiful rose, a sacred symbol of the divine feminine. She emits such calming, soothing & loving energies when worked with internally or topically. Packed with hydrating & astringent qualities, bathing in rose petals helps to brighten & tighten our skin.
The amazing fragrance of rose, the feelings of serenity & happiness that her natural perfume brings is loved by many. Invoke your inner sacred goddess by connecting with our rose plant kin as part of your self-care rituals.

Hibiscus –
Flowers packed with skin loving & healing antioxidants including vitamin C.
She is for invoking your truth, power, passions & is an ally of our sacred womb. Throughout history, the rich, vibrant flowers of hibiscus can be seen adorning the Hindu deity Kali Ma in many depictions. Goddess Kali, the revered deity is known for her intense power, darkness & wisdom, fierce protection & transformative energy. Connect with hibiscus in herbal magick for root chakra opening, invoking your passions, love spells & psychic development.

Clary sage –
Enhances extra sensory perception, clary sage is associated with vision & awakening the third eye. A witches herbal kin that may lift the spirit & help to detach from emotionally difficult situations, while gently upliting & soothing our emotions. Clary sage encourages us to connect the conscious to the unconscious.

Butterfly pea flower-
Said to promote calmness, enhance psychic abilities & aid in spiritual development,
Her Latin name is Clitoria ternatea, thought to be because the flowers of her vine resemble the mighty, magical female sex. A herbal kin for calling in change & transformation, just like the ever changing phases of the moon. The delicate floral pigment bleeding into your bathwater helps to create an all natural blue potion, welcoming in serenity & calm.

Sweet orange – The fresh, invigorating, purifying & cleansing fruit. Orange is one of the best natural allies to work with in ritual to inspire creativity peace, happiness & dispel limitless & fatigue.

Geranium – She holds such a soft, sweet, rose aroma, resonates with Mother Earth & encompasses feminine energy. She invokes balance, tranquillity, confidence, protection, fertility & love within the alchemy of herbal magic.

Each Clo’s roots & rituals bath ritual offering is lovingly created with an abundance of home grown, hand foraged & ethically sourced herbs. Each unique & rustic bath bomb is infused with a lot of care intention & a sprinkle of magick from my heart to yours.
Thank you for choosing Clo’s roots & rituals for your self love & self care.

Lovingly handmade with organic epsom salts, organic coconut oil, organic cornflour, organic citiric acid, organic bicarbonate of soda, rose petals, hibiscus flowers, butterfly pea flowers, pure ethically sourced sweet orange, geranium & clary sage essential oils.

*Not suitable for pregnant mummas to be, or those with any herbal or nut allergies.
I recommend using an after bath herb capture after each bath ritual. These are available to purchase from my shop.
Please take care in the tub, as the oils & herbs used within can make surfaces more slippery.
Always clean bath thoroughly after use to remove any residue.
Store herbal bath bombs in a dry area away from direct sunlight.


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  1. Lauren

    I absolutely love this Raise Your Vibration tea blend. Its a wonderfully uplifting and energy boosting brew and has largely replaced coffee for me now. The taste is so smooth and soft too. Looking forwarding to trying out the other blends made by Clo 🙂 x

  2. Mary Hidle

    Beautifully packaged & gorgeous bath bomb. So calming & relaxing. Will be reordering.

  3. Philomena Kavanagh

    So pretty and functional

  4. Philomena Kavanagh


  5. Philomena Kavanagh

    Was gorgeous

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