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The motto of this game is “Turn your stress into mind progress”.

Stress comes from a lack of information. We don’t understand what is happening, we don’t know what to do, what awaits us, and what decision should be made.
A person does not like to be indecisive.
Someone in an uncertain situation tosses a coin to get a “yes” or a “no” answer. The Vikings used Rune Casting, which gave rise to a more elaborate decision. Rune beads also evoke lateral thinking, which leads to creative results, but is more comfortable in everyday use.

Involuntary, without hesitation, you touch runic beads. At some point, the movement is interrupted, and you have one bead between your fingers.
The rune depicted on it is the answer to your question (if it was asked). This could be a confirmation of a decision or a warning.
Intuition will help you interpret the clue correctly. Runic beads do not distract from the problem but offer to solve it differently.

It is also an original fashion accessory, an aesthetic amulet, and a compact talisman that is simply pleasant to hold in your hands.

Beech – the material from which the rosary is made, was not chosen by chance. Beech has many positive qualities. It increases resistance to stress and the ability to concentrate.

Runic beads of beech indicate that the person operating with them is highly intelligent, has a wide vision, and can overcome inevitable difficulties with determination and vigour. Runes are carriers of ancient wisdom. Beech symbolizes majesty, prosperity, honour and victory, endurance, and fullness of vitality.

Runic rosaries can be a wonderful souvenir in the museums of countries where the Vikings were part of the history and where the runic culture is an important component of the historical heritage. These are Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and even North America.

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