Rub my lamp and i’ll grant you 3 wishes!



Well this branch certainly didn’t fall far from a tree – In fact it wasn’t until I had created it that I realised this branch actually looked like an Aladdins lamp!! So i gave it a rub and my wish is for you to enjoy this one off piece.
Made from a solid branch off wood, the Edison light bulb holder is embedded in turquoise resin with a handful of Apatite crushed stone to give it some va-va-voom.

It comes complete with a very long rope style covered wire so the lamp can be versatile ( on its end, its back, its front or standing up – you choose!) and boasts a wooden style plug to complete the effect.

So why do I have a connection with this lamp? Anne Clara Augustine dedicated a quote to her mum, but i’ve selectively changed it to represent what it means to me…
“No Aladdins lamp from classics, or a spirit lamp used in laboratories, he was a lamp burning so selflessly for keeping everyone life in light…and I called him ‘dad’ ”

So for now its time for me to get back on my magic carpet and create some more masterpieces… but before I go let’s sing along now…. “You ain’t never have a friend like me”


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