Rose Wonder Balm

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A truly hard working multipurpose balm.
Use on face, lips, heels, hands, ends of hair….in fact you can use this balm wherever you feel the need to pamper yourself!
Hand blended luxurious balm using pure essential oils and natural ingredients. Achieve silky smooth hydrated skin with the added bonus of smelling gorgeous too. Smooth onto skin and rub in gentle circular movements, no need to rinse.
Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis(organic jojoba oil),Butyrospermum Parkii(shea butter),Aloe Barbadenis(aloe vera butter),Helianthus Annus,organic beeswax (vegan option available),Boswellia Thurifera(frankincense oil),Pelargonium Roseum,Rosmarinus Officinalis(rosemary oil)Cymbopon Martini(palmarosa)

120ml Amber Glass Bottle.(fully recyclable).

PLEASE NOTE: As this product contains beeswax it is NOT vegan HOWEVER You CAN choose the vegan option which will contain a plant wax.

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