Restorative Rosemary Handcrafted Palm Oil Free Vegan Soap Standard Size

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Handcrafted in North London.
*Palm Oil Free
*SLS Free
*Plastic Free
The soap has glycerine derived from rapeseed, and coconut oil, both are kind to the skin. It lathers well.
The fragrance is from Rosemary Essential Oil. Nettle leaf is added which gives it the green colour. Both have cleansing, astringent properties. The smell of this soap is clean and fresh.
The soap is pale green and marble like, with white poppy seeds through it and on the edges. It is exfoliating and cleansing and can do a good job on any working hands. It is a good addition to your bath-time or shower routine as the poppy seeds are a gentle exfoliator.

It comes in a pebble shape or flower patterned round shape.

No plastic is used in the packaging,, the inner wrap is glassine, a type of paper; the outer label wrap is paper. Both are recyclable.

This soap has been assessed in compliance with UK Cosmetic Safety Rules. As it is handcrafted and created in small batches there will be some variations between each bar. Weight approx. 90g.

NB READ THE ALLERGEN LIST ON LABEL PHOTO BEFORE BUYING. Allergens are naturally occurring in the essential oil. In this soap there are poppy seeds which are a food allergen.

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1 review for Restorative Rosemary Handcrafted Palm Oil Free Vegan Soap Standard Size

  1. L Wallis

    Looks and smells amazing

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