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This powerful Chokurei Reiki symbol is an ancient healing symbol that helps the recipient tap into the healing power of the universe, improving the flow of life force energy wherever it is used and increasing healing potential wherever it is placed.

Used regularly in Reiki healing sessions this symbol has the energy to transform the recipient.

This calming yet powerful symbol has multiple uses. It can be used as a freestanding piece of art or can also be laid flat and used to infuse crystals/ cards with reiki healing energy. It can be placed in a healing/ therapeutic space to bring collective healing and energy clearing. It can be laid under a healing/ massage bed to help assist with healing. This is a perfect tool to hold whilst meditating. The choice is yours. It is recommended to be used intuitively.

It has been hand painted in olive green and deep orange colours. It has a very grounding, earthy feel to it.

If used with care it could be a powerful tool for clearing and changing the vibration of water by placing a glass on the symbol. (It has been varnished but is not recommended to have contact with water so care would need to be taken if used in this way).

If you know someone who needs healing write their name on paper and sit the paper on top of the symbol and hold the intention for healing to take place.

Please see my other listings for alternative colour combinations.

The circle measures at 18mm depth and 5inches wide.

This piece of art has been lovingly created by an experienced Reiki Master/ Teacher. It will be cleansed and blessed prior to posting.

Please note that owning this art will not attune you to Reiki but it will amplify an attunement for an already qualified healer. For those who are not reiki attuned it will still bring many benefits to you as long as you hold your intention whilst using it.

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Our main artist is called Hope and she is also a teacher of meditation, an angelic reiki master and an experienced sound healer.

Using her sensitivities to energy and her love of painting and working with colour she creates special pieces of art that will bring spiritual connection to you and your home or therapy space.



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