A4 personalised laser engraved anodised aluminium pet portraits.


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personalised Laser-Engraved Anodized Aluminium portraits.

message me after you have purchaced my listing then send me the photo you would like engraved via my face book or wats app
i will then take a look at the image to see if the image quality is acceptable so it`s always good to have another image available.

my portraits are on anodized aluminium, measuring 210mm x 297mm. They come elegantly presented in a full glass frame without a framed edge so you get to see a larger area and are boxed and wrapped, ready for gifting. The portraits combines precision engraving with the reflective properties of aluminium, creating a stunning visual impact & detail.

i have socials where you can go and see my video`s of what my portraits look like once the image has been laser-engraved. The video may be taken of sizes A5 or A4, so if they appear smaller, that’s the reason for that.

if you have a specific image in mind, i invite you to share your custom requests so Feel free to message me anytime, and i will be delighted to bring your personalized laser-engraved aluminium portrait to life.

I’ll be adding much more to my shop over time, so please look out for more of my laser-engraved images and much more. This is my hobby, and I love sharing what I do from home to bring a smile on anyone`s face that loves something different around their home, work or as a gift for a friend or loved one.


Thank you for considering lasered creations.


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Seller Reviews

  1. Kerri M Hodkinson

    Bought 16 of these as Christmas presents for my clients. Last minute as well might I add. Everyone LOVES them. Never spoken to my clients so much. I’ve had so much positive feedback about them and genuine grattitude for the thoughtful and unique gifts. 10/10. Will defo be using again ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kerri M Hodkinson

    Easy to do Business with.
    Came across Lasered Creations on Tiktok, communicated via Facebook, Ordered Via Numonday. Matt is super customer focused and as such is more than happy to tailor the sales and ordering process to suit your needs.
    Matthew’s communication and Customer service are 10/10. I Didn’t even know what I wanted when I first went to him. He talked me through each product, the pros and any possible limitations and really helped me shape the idea. I ordered 8units at first, Became completely obsessed, then ordered another 9. Matt talked me through everything from placing the orders, sending through the photos, helping me select the best photos, Individual Updates, packing and delivery. Nothing more I could have asked for
    Value for Money
    10/10. Under valued in my opinion and I’ve told him this so my apologies if they all go up now
    Product Quality
    Again 10/10. Although the quality of the product is largely dependant on the quality of the photo Matt is a Master at his craft and was able to provide me some top quality product from some less than top notch photos. The plaques come with a plexi stand and are boxed which was perfect for me as the majority were Christmas presents so a little bit of Ribbon and I was Done.
    Considering I landed this on Matthew about 4 weeks before Christmas and I wanted to hand them out myself in 2, Matt worked miracles to deliver these to me on time. There was no issues with the actual shipping of the Item either. Paid next day and next day they arrived.

Be the first to review “A4 personalised laser engraved anodised aluminium pet portraits.”

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