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Pentagram Candlestick


Pentagram and ivy entwined candlestick
Approx 15cm high

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Entwined in climbing ivy, this candlestick holder is perfect for adding a magical touch to any dining table or living room. Cast in high-quality resin, this candlestick rises to include a circle enclosing a pentagram with lichen and tendrils of ivy. Celtic patterns climb up the outside, with the phases of the moon being shown in the base. Perfect for a dining table, a bedroom, or an altar, or for simply turning down the lights and setting a more relaxed mood. A wonderful gift for the mystic or romantic in your life

Lindsay & Mags are practising Druids, Sisters Of The Morrigan.

We provide a wealth of knowledge about the products we sell and you can be assured that any item purchased or personalised for you is created with the intention you require to support you.  All our crystals are charged with reiki and come with information sheets explaining the metaphysical properties.

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