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Six string Oettinger tailpiece cast in Brass and highly polished. Six string banjos are a rare beast and six string Oettingers are rarer still. Some six string banjos have a drone string and others are set up like a guitar. The 6 string Oettinger will benefit both.

Please note that if the thickest string you want to use exceeds 0.050″, please contact me to check workarounds. Also, the minimum distance between hooks at the tailpiece position is two inches. Again, if unsure of fit, please get in touch.

These tailpieces were originally made in the 1920s and have legendary status.

The treble strings are tighter than the base strings. This means the down pressure from bridge to head is higher for trebles than for bass strings. The bridge, in effect is canted over slightly towards the 1st string. By adjusting the height of each ‘finger’ on the Oettinger the down pressure can be more evenly distributed across the bridge. This will change the sound produced. Like the difference between a very taut head and a less taut head.

Oettingers were originally intended for tenor banjos (4 string) because there was a massive difference in tension between the 1st string and the 4th string. But 6 String banjos also benefit from them…

And they look very cool.

Visit my Oettinger Tailpiece web site for more information about these beautiful tailpieces: www.oettinger.co


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