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An extra large, thick oak chopping board suitable for cutting and serving food at celebratory meals..This is very heavy (9 kg) and solid. 3 Large knot holes underneath have been filled with midnight blue epoxy resin. This is a truly unique piece of rustic English oak.

This was made by me in 2022 from an end-trunk plank of Warwickshire oak which was air-dried to a moisture content of 8%. All bark was removed with hand-chisels and a spokeshave and any cracks, knots and defects filled with dyed epoxy resin to stabilise the wood. The wood was then hand-planed and sanded smooth, with 10 gradations of sandpaper, from 40 grit all the way to 2000 grit! The wood was then given three coats of food-safe white mineral oil and finished by buffing with my home-made polish (a mineral oil and beeswax mixture). The handles are 6 inch black cast-iron (15cms) and plastic feet have been screwed to the underside for stability and to protect your work-surfaces and tables.

English oak is a hardwood renowned for its strength and toughness with good surface hardness that makes it well suited for cutting/chopping boards. Whilst oak is quite resistant to rotting, your board should be wiped clean with warm soapy water and dried quickly. Never leave it soaking in water and never put it in a dishwasher. The board should be regularly oiled, preferably with food-safe mineral oil. It comes supplied with a tin of my polish and a brief set of care instructions.

Dimensions of this extra large, heavy board are L107 W21 D6 cms (L42 W8 D2.5. inches). Weight is 9kg (19bs).

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