Northern lights and tail lights – original miniature northern lights artwork



This is a miniature canvas inspired by a photograph taken by my husband during a northern lights’ display where we live in the far north of Scotland. He had set the camera for a long exposure to capture the northern lights and also managed to capture a streak of light from a car going past as well!

This small canvas measures 10 x 10cm and is framed in a box frame measuring 19.5 x 19.5cm which has been sprayed white gold (there is no glass on this frame as it’s a floating frame style) and my signature is on the matting on the front.

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Hi, I’m Nicola McLean, an artist from the north of Ireland, currently living in the far north of Scotland with three fancy rats, two west highland terriers and one husband.

I paint whatever inspires me – nine times out of ten that will be animals of all shapes and sizes but I also love landscapes both urban and natural, all of which I re-imagine using as colourful a palette as possible.