Handcrafted  and hand-painted unique clay items made with love by myself a visually impaired newly inspired Potter. Bespoke items are available.

Native American Inspired Handcrafted clay feathered design candle Lantern



Copyrighted item: This is a decorative candle lantern handcrafted from clay using a slabbing technique. The decoration is inspired through Native American colours and a feathered design. You have the option to use tealight candles or larger candles depending on your preference.
It comes with a glass tealight holder inside with a tealight candle.
There is only one available. However if you would like something similar made either with different colours or incorporating a different design you have, feel free to message me.

Last year I was in search of a hobby to give me some relaxation and enjoyment. So I bought myself a potter’s wheel and started to learn how to create items with clay. I have become very passionate in handcrafting clay items, not just with the potter’s wheel recently more so becoming imaginative and handcrafting other items in more of a sculpting fashion.
I am visually impaired as I have serious auto immune inflammatory eye conditions that have and continue to damage my eyes. I also developed medication induced cataracts which got to the point where I was literally almost totally blind. However, I have had two eye surgeries to get rid of the cataracts which they did and I feel truly blessed to have some vision back. But, my left eye vision currently is very limited as it has now developed capsule opaqueness plaque behind the lens that was replaced. So I am awaiting laser surgeries to see if they will prevent me from losing my sight totally in that eye. As for my right eye it is doing quite well  at the moment I have visual distortion and reading is very difficult with either eye. However, I will not let that define me nor my other disabilities from doing what I have now found to be my true passion working with clay.
This is why I have now decided to see if people are interested in the handcrafted clay items I am making.
I use a magnifier visor unit to assist me in doing the fine detail of my handcrafted items, this I find helps a lot. The more items I make the more skilled I am becoming

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