Multi Colour Tourmaline Crowned Skull Carving. 107.95 Carats. Pedro Michel Studios.


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The Crowned Skull Carving in Multi Colour Tourmaline. 107.95 Carats.

Stunning Gemstone Carving in a large Clear Achroite Tourmaline Crystal with Blue and Pink Bands of Colour.
The Top of the carving is the natural termination of a crystal over 20 grams in weight. A blue band of colour is orientated as the eyes with a light Pink section as the mouth and jaw.
The gemstone has excellent clarity and is fully transparent.
Achroite Tourmaline is the rarest type of Tourmaline as it is in its purest form, and the quality of the carving is befitting to such a beautiful Gem.
The Crystal was labelled as being from the very famous mine of Pederneira in Brazil when I acquired it before carving.

Carved by highly regarded studio of Gemstone Artist Pedro Michel.

The Gemstone Weight is 107.95 Carats.
The Gemstone Measures: 28 mm, 22.5 mm, 19 mm.
Carving By Pedro Michel Studio.

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